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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (AS5)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I expect another AS4 moment where they announce both shantay individually and pan to a disclaimer straight away saying that Sherry is out of the race or something.
    Untucked though... if they filmed both Crystal and Jackie being eliminated, did they film them both gathering their stuff and crying? sfdfggfh I guess we won't see any of that this time.

    I'm more curious about the reunion and the finale, cause they have "reserved" the weeks until AS5 starts, so there must be a plan.
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  2. I'm ready for the mess (of homemade looks) a zoom reunion would bring, and the extra shade as they're not next to each other.
  3. I hope they don’t shantay Jackie and that’s because I like her. I’d enjoy a Top 3 for a change and passing her through just because it’s possible seems a bit like a consolation prize.
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  4. Signs seem to point to the reunion having been filmed on the 6th. That's a week earlier than they normally film, and two weeks earlier than the finale would air (if the reunion was also the finale). Hopefully that means they're leaving some time for some kind of final challenge.
  5. Was that online or were they flown to LA? California seems to be lifting some restrictions, so I wonder if they could at least film the finale with the Top 3/4 in studio?
  6. Alexis Mateo.... woof.
  7. I hope it's as entertainingly bad as the AS4 finale.
  8. The indignity of making the season 6 queens woof every time the Pit Crew appeared.

    Tag yourselves, I'm Trinity doing the least.

  9. I think it's quite strange that they haven't announced how they are handling the finale yet. I wonder if they'll just get the top 3 (4?) to film a lipsync like they've filmed the Werq The World performances and then have Ru pick a winner. It'll be easier to social distance if it's just Ru and the top 3 than if it's the whole cast.
  10. I’m a bit impressed by the lack of Gigi support on the show’s Instagram profile. They posted a promo for the next episode and most of the comments are rooting for Crystal and Jaida, it seems like Crystal swept Gigi‘s fanbase away.

    Will that lack of support weaken her chances or will that last win next episode put her back in the game?
  11. Only if her getting a win also includes some emotional moment or backstory to pull people to her side again. I just don't think she has the range. We'll see.
  12. Was there an explanation as to why there was no Reading Challenge?
  13. No explanation given.
    But they probably cut it because it was Sherry-heavy and didn't really add anything to the overall storyline of the episode, i'd guess.
  14. That box thing was the reading challenge.
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  15. (Disregarding how we feel) Gigi’s mom seems to be working on a design involving heels right now.

    I wonder if this means they’re prepping to shoot the finale/reunion in the next week or two.
  16. Something about her having a public instagram makes me uncomfortable, along with the fact she has a post that tags both of Gigi's brothers in it as well.
    I don't know... this show's fanbase is so heinously toxic, I think I would want my family out of that.
  17. She’s a costume designer and she chooses to share it, I guess. I would understand if she went private eventually though, she’s not really invested in fame and glory.
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  18. I feel like she's going to have her own WOW show by the end of the month and I'm tired
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  19. BTG


    Do my eyes deceive me or did I just read on Reddit that the AS5 finale lip sync is Make Me Feel by Janelle Monae? My life for a Jujubee/Shea face off.
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  20. I saw Roxxxy perform that at Southern Nights and she killed it. Read U Wrote U whomst?? It would be a fantastic finale lip sync.
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