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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (AS5)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Would production let that happen though?
  2. BTG


    Wasn’t the person who said Cracker never lands in the bottom the same one who claimed they lip sync to She Bangs? Then the reliable tea spiller revealed it’s actually Livin’ La Vida Loca, so that’s thrown all of those first spoilers into doubt?
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  3. Walter Mercado seems like an incredibly niche character choice, and I'm actually excited to see how Alexis portrays him.
  4. Why Mariah Carey hasn't been done on Snatch Game at least once is beyond me.
  5. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe they were different people - I was pulling from a few things that night - however, I’d take the newer info as being more substantial, as it seems unlikely that Cracker won’t now be in the bottom for Snatch Game.
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  6. So so easy, Dahlings.
  7. Apparently she was Derrick’s pick for Snatch Game so maybe we should be thankful...
  8. And also if I'm being honest she shouldn't have won the 1st challenge either. The brief was to take materials inspired by another queen and create something in your own style. I don't believe she made something in her style, even though she looked like Detox. I would have given the win to (surprise, surprise ddd) A'keria instead.
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  9. I know this a reach, but let me live my french vanilla fantasy:

    Jaida did a takeover of the main Drag Race account yesterday, posted on and off for about and told stories, messed around with filters showed off her closet, and a load of random photos, and just generally had a good time, and signed off thanking drag race for letting her have fun for the day.

    Gigi did hers the day before, and basically did a couple of videos about cleaning lashes, then said her "phone camera was frozen", and basically just posted a couple of suggestions of quarantine activities to do (for example, play with Lego). She seemed pretty over it.

    Bob has already filmed the Pit Stop, and that's how the winner leaked for AS4, so maybe they already know? Please let it be true!
  10. I think they probably told Bob the top 2 and she filmed each section mentioning the winner twice?
  11. There's some reliable tea on Reddit about the finale...

    All 3 finalists lip-sync to Survivor, Gigi wears a Dorothy-inspired look, Jaida wears an orange look with a reveal, Crystal's outfit sounds very bright
  12. BTG


    Of course Gigi wears a Dorothy inspired look with that forced Kansas reference in her apology this week. Sis.
  13. Linking her finale look with her apology world tour this week? Cohesive queen Gigi shut me up!
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  14. A Monet/Valentina tea.

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  18. That spiller always uploads correct info, as they handle episodes a day or so before release, so it‘s very likely to be legit.

    I’m so happy. The perfect outcome for one of the show’s best seasons, particularly considering multiple factors at play.
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  19. S12 was already miles ahead of 11, but crowning Jaida would make this an otherwise incredible season. Perhaps one of the best and maybe the most enjoyable main season in years
  20. The tea about Jaida and Crystal’s individual lip-sync songs is true, and in addition, the “‘80s song” that Gigi does is Take On Me. Cackling at the vaguery of the tea-spiller.

    Thread will be happy with the outcome.
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