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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (AS5)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I'm curious if they bothered to film multiple crownings since there was no audience.
    Also my friend told me that apparently
    Jaida was given a crown prop or whatever... So were they ALL given the crown prop? Or was the lipsyncs reviewed and decisions made before they sat them all in a zoom call to 'Watch them' and therefore they sent her the crown to film wih?

    I just have a lot of productiony questions about how this went down!
  2. BTG


    Ddd we'll find out if this is true tonight when we see the quality of her footage, but apparently WOW sent out a backdrop and equipment for the girls to set up in their houses but Miss Gigi took it to a studio to shoot her stuff professionally.
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  3. All queens were sent identical materials by production to set up a consistent background for two of the lip syncs, so it’s possible each queen received a crown as well. Unclear if multiple endings were filmed.
    Episode spoilers:
    Her “look” shots in the intro were shot in the studio, by the looks of it, and her production value during those shots is noticeably higher than anyone else’s. But all three of her lip syncs were filmed in her friends’ apartment living room in WeHo, so she’s on equal footing by that measure.

    She does whip up a pretty polished production for her individual lip sync, but I would say all three finalists approach the individual lip sync in really different ways and each have their own entertainment value.
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  4. Oh, and just in case there’s any doubt:

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  5. There’s basically a full breakdown of the episode now out there, but the majority of it has already been covered, so I won’t bore you.

    Salient added info is the list of full placements:

    SAFE: Shea, Blair, Mariah, Jujubee
    HIGH: Cracker, Alexis
    LOW: Ongina
    BTTM: Mayhem, Derrick
    WIN: India

    You see a couple of lipstick selections during the episode (Juju picks Mayhem to go home, India picks Derrick), however, the full breakdown is apparently shown on Untucked, and discussed at the top of the next episode.

    Next week, the girls write and record their own verses to a song called, ‘I’m in Love’ - i.e. the ‘girl group’ challenge, which Shea wins, and Ongina gets eliminated on. Such a shame - she has a really rough run, it seems.
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  6. God I can't wait for another Coulee verse, I won't hear arguments that there's a better verse from the show than her's from Category Is.
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  7. Facts are facts, America.
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  8. Do we know who all the lipsyncers are going to be?

    The only other names i've seen are Alyssa and Monet returning.
  9. Alyssa, Monet, Vanjie, Morgan, Manila and Roxxxy. Manila is the only one a bit uncertain if I’m not mistaken.
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  10. What I would give for Trinity K Bonet to be a returning Lip Sync Assassin. I would be gagged.
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  11. I believe she was shortlisted for AS5 as an actual contestant and then she was dropped shortly before filming. I would have loved TKB back on my screen.
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  12. We can pray she gets invited back for AS6
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  13. My All Stars 6 prediction

    Scarlet Envy
    Crystal Methyd
    Heidi *Insert name here*
    Yara Sofia
    Nina Bo'Nina Banana Fofanna Osama Bin-Laden Brown Oxlaide-Chamberlain
    Plastique Tiara
    Kameron Michaels
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. If they bumped the cast up to 12, I'd include Asia and A'Keria
  16. I... you're treating the best queens of Season 10 and 11 as Target Deluxe Edition bonus tracks?

  17. Just predicting the moves of the casting directors... Which is unfortunately likely.

    Lest Ewreka dangles that lawsuit again.
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  18. I read on Reddit that Kameron, Asia, Shannel and Yara refused AS5 invitations, so I’m guessing all four are possibilities for the sixth season. Yara refused due to the short time she’d have to prepare, if I’m not mistaken.

    If I were Heidi I’d wait until All Stars 7. If Monique had waited another year she’d have been a much stronger contender with improved make up and more budget, but in her case I’m not sure there’d be a second invitation, whereas I’m sure Heidi would get a second one.
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  19. I'd kill for Nina but she'd probably be first out and I don't know if I could bear it.
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  20. The lipsync assassin invitations were sent only to past Winners or All Stars queens. Reddit seems to confirm that Vanjie was a last minute replacement (most likely for Trinity The Tuck).
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