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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (S11/DRUK)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Girl, I am well aware of Trixie’s many MANY flaws. But she did turn some iconic looks at least.
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  2. Roxxxxy gave us more than Monet has so far, and than Trixie ever managed, in All Stars.
  3. Bye
  4. One of my best friends is very actively pro-Valentina and anti-Monet. I've been "predicting" Monet as a dark horse Top 4 contender over Valentina to rile him up and the meltdowns will be iconic.
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  5. From the main thread...

    "The power that a Manila / Trinity / Monique / Valentina / Naomi Top 5 would have.... the international implications it would have.... whew"

    Quoted for absolute truth - at this point, how could ANYONE imagine that 2/5 won't make it that far!?
  6. There is something really off that is different to other seasons. In theory you just do not see Monet or Monique (whom I love personally) outlasting a queen like Latrice or Manila, but then the show airs and everything is upside down. If performance is production driven, I do not really see why they would push this hard for Monique or Monet. I had expected them to push Naomi and Valentina to the top as that would prove more popular. But it seems production does not allow Naomi or Tina to properly shine performance-wise. Maybe because of Naomi's lack of any storyline... What on earth are they planning with this show? Trinity seems to have a firm grip on the whole competition, on what is actually happening and what is required. I refuse to believe anyone is bombing next week's challenge.

    I'm not even sure how much I see this as a competition anymore but more like a season of American Horror Story. Starts with a good cast and interesting premise, then fucks itself over with its storylines and shock/surprise moments until it ejaculates prematurely and we are left with a limp and uninspiring second half of the season. And then you mainly keep watching for the oneliners, outfits and guest appearances.
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  7. BTG


    Okay, I feel like I’m doing nothing but shitting on Latrice lately but I’m a little shocked by just how much everyone (Latrice included) bought into her own hype. Real talk, she’s a legendary queen but she’s not good at Drag Race and only got as far as she did in season four because she could turn a lip sync and because the cast was mostly shit.

    Monique more than justified her higher placing this season.
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  8. BTG


    Also, seeing Latrice so unbothered about the hate Monique is receiving for simply eliminating the weakest on the day is interesting. Because she’s got a storm coming when she eliminates Valentina.

  9. Did no one post the drama that is the preview?
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  10. Monet vowing to send Manila home out of spite? Girl bye. I actively dislike her now more than I did in S10
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  11. Let those who have never had a spiteful moment ever in their life cast the first stone!
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  12. Monet has done nothing but make me slowly dislike her since AS4 has started. I wonder if she’ll have many fans by the end of the season.
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  13. Monet started irritating me in episode 1 the moment she started calling all the other recent seasons boring(but missing out season 8?) when the reality is that she got kicked out of her own season by Kameron Michaels.
  14. Personally, I was rooting for Manilla, Naomi and Val to make top 3 and I would of been happy with any crowning In that scenario. Funnily enough, I wasn't even a Val fan prior to this season and I thought we were gonna have another Trixie rigga morris sitch.

    I can't stand Monet and I wan’t to like Trinity more than I do but I find her quite jarring at times. IDK.
  15. The main thread is gonna go up in flames when Monet makes Top 2 ddd

    Still, the final prize is just quick money.
    Queens like Latrice (with a booking fee of 3k) just has to do around 30 dates to earn the 100k the show would give the winner.

    Winning is great, but making a lasting impression is a lot more valuable, I’d say.
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  16. Manila is embarrassing in the preview like sis Latrice hasn’t died.
  17. It is a bit too much, but I guess Manila feels alone now against the season 8-9-10 gang.
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  18. I’d feel sorry for her if Manila hadn’t worked with all 120+ Drag Race Alumni at least thrice. She knows them all well because it’s pretty much written into their contracts that they need to work with her dddd.
  19. Yeah, I imagine they must have, but I haven’t seen a (UK) tour with them together.

    Latrice and Valentina, yeah, because they are now staples of the Werq The World tour, but I haven’t seen Manila in those.

    I guess in America there’s a lot more Mix & Match (STAN LOONA) going on.
  20. The truth is that she can't insult Season 8 because Bob is one of her closest friends, and insulting that season would be indirectly insulting him.
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