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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (S11/DRUK)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. How is Monet shocked that Manila chose her? Delusion.
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  2. Honestly I think people are doing a bit much over Monet being angry. I mean, just last week a lot of fans were super annoyed at Manila for considering eliminating Valentina over Farrah, who had a worse track record. It's also a bit annoying that the slightest confidence shown by Monique and Monet is perceived by the fanbase as entitlement whilst Valentina's and some others' are perceived as fierce. Not accusing anyone here in particular but I feel like there's been some veiled racism regarding Momo's treatment across the web/fanbase.

    Last week I went on that Racers Peru page to watch the livestream and they were called the Bobs whilst people were afraid the finale would be a gorilla party... Disgusting.
  3. Was this posted?

    Trinity... you in danger.

    Valentina looking stunning
  4. Trinity...sis.
  5. I can't watch that in the US. Any chance it's watchable on a non-region locked player?
  6. Manila is really trying to sell that heartbroken fantasy, but she's not a natural actress. I love her looks, but there's always been something rehearsed about her.
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  7. I hate that I have to watch that Trinity clip again tomorrow.
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  8. I can’t name one drag race legend that isn’t rehearsed, other than Henny.
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  9. ffff
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  10. Has the full episode leaked??
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  12. What're we anticipating the results to be this week?

    Bottom Two: Valentina and Trinity - neither goes home.
    Safe/High: Monique
    Top Two: Monét

    It's the placements of Naomi and Manila that are a bit fluffy - some people were originally saying it was Manila as Safe/Low, and Naomi as top two (with potentially immunity the next week alongside Monét - that might be incorrect though), but now people are changing it to Manila being in the top with Monét to round out their 'rivalry' story, and help to strengthen Manila's grip before Naomi's 'shock cut'.

    Either way, I'm mostly just interested to see how much of next week's episode they plan on explaining. And, if it is indeed a full lipsync battle competition, how... they're going to fill an hour with that. Not sure we've quite built enough cuts yet to provide enough tension like the AS3 comeback workroom mess. In any sense, I'm intrigued.
  13. Manila and Monet are almost 100% confirmed to be in the top 2 based on the extended trailer for week 5, in which they were dressed in lip sync outfits with the same mugs as their white runway looks...
  14. God if Manila wins AGAIN over Naomi after spoilers tell us otherwise I am going to riot.
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  15. At least she’s got the Grammy on lock for Pose.
  16. Naomi keeping Raven's legacy alive is a kii though
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  17. She'll have the last laugh

  18. Naomi sending Manila home:

    "You think you're clever, don't you?"

    "Well, think again"

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  19. The backlash she’ll probably receive...
  20. Spoilers from reddit:

    This is ridiculous, to put Monique in the bottom alongside the three girls who bombed the challenge.
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