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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread (S11/DRUK)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. It's just the usual Drag Race "shocker" that results in absolutely nothing. They knew nobody would be eliminated, thus decided to play with the controversy of putting Monique there.
  2. Plus, they needed to put 4 in the bottom, so they can do 4 lip syncs with one eliminated queen and one remaining queen.
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  3. Honestly Manilla pulling one of the best track records before being shockingly eliminated is gonna be great for her career and she deserves it.

    It depends how it all goes down on the episode but I also think Noami could benefit from exhibiting cuNt like that after being under appreciated all season.
  4. Uno


    So do they both pick Valentina? Even though Naomi is the only one having not won a challenge yet? Should be interesting.
  5. Naomi hasn't blundered any of the challenges yet. She shouldn't be picked!
  6. Didn’t the original tea say that Naomi and Monét are top and both pick Valentina? Interesting...
  7. BTG


    I hate this point in the competition where if you aren’t top two, you’re automatically in the bottom. Especially when the top two choices are always such... choices.

    Monique in the bottom whilst Monét gets top two with a recycled joke Shea made two seasons ago? No ma’am.
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  8. Let’s wait and see.

    In the end it’s a matter of making Ru laugh.
    If he doesn’t remember some queens’ names, how is he gonna remember their jokes?

    I’m sure that if they are putting Monet on the top 2, she’s brining more than that meh joke.
  9. Monet might do better with her own material over scripted challenges. Trinity probably does better when other people provide her with material or she rehearses thoroughly. Hence Monet does well?
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  10. Naomi and Monét being the top 2 and being granted immunity would make much more sense, though. This way, we'd have the four queens who sent a queen home each, and their 'victims'.

    Manila x Gia
    Trinity x Jasmine
    Valentina x Farrah
    Monique x Latrice
  11. Well I was half right.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I'm wondering what Monet and Manila are going to do next episode.

    Also, if it is a lipsync for your life scenario, is the challenge really 4 remaining queens lipsync against 4 eliminated ones for their place in the competition? I know it doesn't happen, but that opens up the possibility of someone like Farrah, who bombed two challenges, replacing someone like Trinity who's been doing so well, because of one lipsync? Seems bizarre.
  14. Farrah beating Trinity in a lip sync?

  15. I can’t wait for the reactions in the main thread when Monet makes it to the Top 2. The irrational hate already on show is making me cackle. I think her win this week was entirely justified and her runway was pretty much flawless.
  16. I agree her win was justified but like...of the worst all round performance of a challenge all season. Manila and Monet were still only 6/10s.

    I think the ‘no one goes’ next week tea can’t be correct and it’s when Valentina leaves.
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  17. Yes. We can't have two weeks of elimination cancellations. It's too much, isn't it? Let's be honest: Valentina is clearly the weak link of this group. What I'm really interested in seeing on the show is the reaction to Latrice's return. Oh it's going to be the ultimate gag.
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  18. It didn’t even read like Ru intervening to save Valentina, tbh
    If he really wanted her to make it to the end, he would save her next week as well.

    It’s gonna be a gag because they’ll probably make it look like Latrice is eliminating Monique.
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  19. Yeah, him doing it to save Val is a reach when it was clearly planned because there was 4 eliminated girls and it was the first time ever that there was a bottom 4.
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  20. BTG


    Unless the finale doesn’t have a top four, don’t we have to have another non-elimination?

    6: No one goes home
    7: Valentina
    8: Manila
    9: Latrice
    10: Final four?

    I’m not adverse to a top three in the final, because moving events forward one week means Trinity, Monique and Naomi have a chance to nab another win. But that particular tea spiller has been accurate about everything apart from wrongly naming a person in the top two twice. I just don’t see them getting this wrong.

    The format for it all seems bizarre though. Is it one on one with the winner staying? Which would mean everyone still in the competition apart from Monique wins their lip sync? In that case, the power to send someone home wouldn’t be in Latrice’s hand, it would be Ru’s.

    Is it more of a tournament with Farrah and Latrice winning? Latrice then beating Farrah and having a choice of sending either Monique or Val home?

    Or is Latrice going to win and be Miss Congeniality and refuse to send Monique home because she deserves to stay and Ru trots out “Latrice Royale, you have the mark of a true All Star. This week no one goes home!”
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