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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. She didn’t come off too well on the reunion
  2. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    She came off as aloof and maybe a little rude. Not enough to turn beige into villainous blood red.
  3. A valid point - Kameron is a villain to me for what she represents (advancement of boring-basic-mediocre queens for... what reason exactly!?) rather than what she says and does (because the answer to the latter is, of course, very little).
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  4. I think Kameron has on record say she knows she wouldn't win All Stars as she isn't very popular.

    So I can't imagine she would have said yes to 5 then pulled out. I think she said no to 4.
  5. I mean, a few of the girls (mostly Dusty, who genuinely holds less Drag Race influence than multiple members of the camera crew) ragged on her for being a bit standoffish, but that hardly stuck in comparison to other actually tangible storylines from the season. I would challenge 95% of the show's audience to even remember that.

    I see. This is quite a creative take, but you do you, sis!
  6. On reflection, "villain" implies watchability, deservedly pulling focus, stirring the pot, creating good television, meltdowns, conniving - I'm not sure that any of those queens fits that brief!

    Maybe "least-anticipated" would be a better description...
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  7. Thorgy is iconic

  8. I think Kameron herself has said on Twitter she pulled out when she found out Shea was cast!
  9. The best thing to ever happen concerning Kameron Michaels is when no one said #TeamKameron at the reunion and it cuts to her PLUCKED.
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  10. Kameron would be protected to some extent though because she’s a Werq the World/Vegas queen.
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  11. Team justice for the Minj Ginge.
  12. Blimey, remember when we had the seething, iconic venomous villainy of Phi Phi instead of "villains" who are just dull, or loud and annoying.
  13. Uno


    You can blame the fan-base for ruining that from ever happening again.

    They're the true villains of each season.
  14. The early season queens also had no idea that 10 years later this show would be hugely popular and that their actions would be dissected and follow them around so much still.

    Season 2 queens probably expected to get a few extra gigs out of it and that's about it.
  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Also can you blame Kameron for not wanting to associate with Dusty?
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  16. Yeah I also deleted that post because I thought more about it. I still don't really think she worded it really well or explained herself really well, I was mostly confused by it and it came off really uncomfortable to hear but I thought about it more and... it was fine. It just maybe was all edited together weird and to come right after Juju's emotional speech like it did... I don't know. It just seemed odd to me.

    But, there's a big difference between the act of me being confused by something being said then bringing it up on a discussion thread on a pop music board... and the act of sending hate to queens.

    Queens on this show get hate for winning lipsyncs and sending queens home, They get hate for their All Stars votes, They get hate for coaxed confessionals that may not have even been said on that day for that episode which is why they make them wear the same clothes.
    All of these things is mostly the production's doing though. But the queens take all the heat, and that sucks.
    And like it's weird going on, for example,Cracker's posts and seeing "You were the deserved winner! You should've won!" like... That's not really a compliment, it's awkward. Then you get into all the racist hate the queens get that production does nothing about.

    I guess that's just a sad nature of reality TV in this style. I wish Drag Race was more like Legendary. Because on that show, even though they are competing and throwing shade - they show so many great moments of them supporting each other too. Drag Race focuses in more on the drama than the good. And I know that's just the way shows like this are but when you have queens who get immense amounts of hate and racism thrown their way because of it - something should be done about it.
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  17. I’m not a fan of Kameron Michaels at all but I think calling her a villain is a bit of a stretch.

    Have they confirmed an Allstars 6 yet? Not that I want it, give it a break etc, was just curious.
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  18. There is T out there (YouTube) that they are contacting queen's now.

    I would assume they are going to film that straight after 13. As Ru and Michelle won't be able to come back to the UK anytime soon to film UK 2.
  19. Damn. I was really hoping they were going to give it a rest.
  20. ... I kind of want to watch that dumb Drag Race Vegas spinoff show just to see what kind of ridiculous Kameron x Vanjie storyline they're pushing. Plus more Derrick being Derrick.
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