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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. This reads as a complete fucking nightmare.
  2. Replace Nina West with Nina Bonina, throw in Nina Flowers and Laganja (and Mrs Kasha Davis) and I think I'd be here for this.
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  3. Here for that cast if it means we get Jessica Wild in the hall of fame. I lub this cast.
  4. At least we know Asia O Hara would definitely win
  5. Jan is exactly the sort of queen I would expect to go straight into an All Stars season early. Season 12 was stacked and if the likes of Heidi and Crystal (and, let's face it, Gigi and Jackie) wait until later seasons, AS6 makes sense for her. She's already been quite heavy-handed in trying to brand herself since the show and I think she'd want to try and keep that going whilst people still remember the meme of her face after not winning the Madonna Rusical challenge.

    It's also a position that's served Aja, Monique and Monet pretty well.
  6. Too many season 11 queens. Get rid of Silky and replace her with Mrs Kasha Davis, Laganja, Peppermint or another earlier season.
  7. Baffled by any AS6 cast list that isn't at least half S12 queens.

    Although HERE for Dida.
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  8. Not gonna be here for Ross banging on to Asia about having to laugh at Butterflies like he did to Shea and the rose petals.
  9. I think they'll give it to Nina West. Asia would be my choice to win though.
  10. Imagine thinking anyone other than Henvy would win...
  11. The winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 will receive a sickening one year supply of
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  12. That's so disappointing to hear.
    If in fact, she is on, I hope she addresses them, because she would be an instant fave in the fandom
  13. Meh, I’m getting AS3 teas.
  14. Apparently Heidi declined an invite to AS6.
  15. It makes sense that some of the season 12 girls (Heidi being one in particular) would rather tour and make some money before they come back for All Stars. That's an opportunity that the other queens that came back quickly after their season had that allowed them to improve their runways, build their brands, better their performance skills etc.
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  16. This is half a good cast list at best. Keep Scarlet, Asia, Jessica Wild, Yara and Dida. Bin the rest.

    It's interesting how the recent AS casts seem to be increasingly polarised between the first few seasons and the last few seasons. It seems especially strange that they haven't cast more season 6 queens when it's such a popular season and there's quite a few good choices left.
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  17. I just don't think her drag and her personality evolved enough to warrant the Monet/Monique or even Aja treatment.
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  18. Okay but don't you kind of want her talent show performance to be her performing a new hit entitled "Not This"? this is sarcasm, by the way.

    The thing about Monet and Monique returning was that they carried their schticks with them because they hadn't changed a lot since their season. Monet did Soak It Up and talked about her pussycat wigs a lot. Monique was like "FACTS ARE FACTS AMERICA, remember, I say that, you liked that the first time". What would Jan do? Remind us she loves to sing? I don't think the fans care.
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  19. I'd love some Jessica and Dida and I'm glad if they're in for the exposure and coins, but I just know they'll give them the boot as soon as the season starts. I hate this kind of cast when you can clearly see who they'd be using as cannon fodder and who is definitely making top 4 (hello, All Stars 5).

    And why exactly would this be the cast when Peppermint, Darienne, Laganja, Shannel, Ginger, A'keria and even Acid Betty are right there?
  20. Remind us of the fact she never won a challenge
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