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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I don't see Scarlett surviving long if they keep the format the same. Didn't all the queens hate her on Season 11?
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  2. There’s room for everybody huh?
  3. BTG


    No Jackie Cox?

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  4. It would be especially weird for some of the season 12 girls to go on All Stars because they haven't even gotten the chance to tour and really meet any of the other queens from past seasons.
    Usually All Stars they go into it knowing everyone because of touring.
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  5. Eh, this isn't too bad of a lineup. Silky is an energy vacuum so swap her and Nina West for Darienne Lake and Nina Bo'nina Brown and that's a pretty great season with an obvious winner (Asia).
  6. It's hard to predict who would be top four/three out of that line up (other than Asia obviously). I'd think maybe Yara Sofia and Nina West (absolutely not a taste thing but I think production would want her going far), and then Plastique as she's a Werk the World queen?
  7. Tea pending, I would be highly surprised if we didn't get Laganja back on for AS6, purely for the obviously entrance gag alone. Plus, she's said she's now ready for it, has been turning out some pretty amazing looks since the show (and probably has a fair amount of coin now), and has seemingly matured considerably from her season.

    I reckon she could get a great semi-redemption arc, and if Blair St. Clair can make it to top 4, I reckon Laganja could stand a decent enough chance at hitting the second half of the season.

    Darienne and NBNB would also be brilliant castings, and as @Jonathan27 said, shaping things up for an Asia win would be ideal.
  8. Isn't Plastique the most followed non-finalist queen? She would end up with a Naomi type edit regardless of how she actually performs.
  9. rdp


    Yeah I'm sure WoW wants Plastique to do an All Stars season eventually considering her popularity even outside the regular Drag Race fandom, but I'm not sure it would be a good deal for her considering how acting/comedy heavy the challenges usually are.
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  10. I don’t think Jan necessarily needs to level up her drag that much to hold her own on all stars. At least not to make it a few weeks in. She just needs to learn from the edit she got and be blessed with a season where they’re not trying to shovel Gigi and Redacted down our gullets.
  11. If Silky *has* to be on, I hope she gets Ginger'd. Also, bring back Ginger, she deserves it.
  12. Silky's the main wildcard out of that line-up. I can see her getting eliminated first as much as I can see her and Nina doing the final lip-sync to Waterfalls.
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  13. She have us that space age look and you think she deserves another chance

    (Granted her and Katya probably went to AS2 about three days after the S7 finale)
  14. Friendly reminder that Plastique was one of like three people who were genuinely funny in the Musical Divas challenge but production was so committed to the six way lip sync gag that she got thrown under the bus too!
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  15. Whosaidthat.gif

    The concept was there but she didn’t execute it well at all.
  16. It was sloppy for all of the queens but I thought she made it work?

    It also happened to be the exact intersection of three of my favorite people so I'm biased nn.
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  17. I would have made Plastique and A'keria safe and have a 4 way lip sync.
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  18. #Silky2Win
  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The 6 way lip-sync is the most memorable thing about S11. I actually love the mess of it all, and only Honey really comes out of it terribly.
  20. Ecstatic to see Scarlet Envy, but I truly want Nina Bonina Brown.
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