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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. They'll 100% have a mask runway and feature Valentina in some way.
  2. They honestly need to do a Night of 1000 Mariahs runway
  3. Heidi, Widow and Jaida were just shown on the Emmys, immediately after Ru - all done up in drag. I'm assuming they are quarantined to be three of the lip sync assassins for AS6.
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  4. Okay iconic!
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  5. Considering how she was treated in the recent series if All Stars, I doubt she'd be up for it. I'm only half serious.
  6. I would be up for this to make sure we got as many TKB lipsynchs as possible especially if they carry over her problematic S6 narrative.
  7. Yeah, same! Although that spoiler was about Season 13; not sure if they'd repeat it for All Stars 6.
  8. rdp


    This sounded exciting at first but with 6+ lipsyncs in one episode it's pretty much a given that they only lipsynced to Rupaul songs and I'm not sure if I'm ready for the 34th lipsync of Sissy That Walk.
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  9. As long as we don’t get Peanut Butter, I’m fine.
  10. Im manifesting a Night of 1000 Britneys with one queen coming out in a puffed sleeve crop top and chino shorts

  11. I heard yesterday that for AS6 there isn't a lipsync assassin and the challenge winner(s) don't lipsync either.

    Apparently Ru picks a bottom 3 and the challenge winner gets to save one of the bottom 3, then the actual bottom 2 lipsync against each other to stay.
  12. I think I saw the Reddit comment that originated that? Unless new info has come to light, people were just talking about it as a dream All-Stars format.
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  13. Possibly. I didn't actually read it on Reddit but the person who told me may have seen it there.
  14. That actually sounds...great to be honest.
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  15. It does sound great, which is why I don't think it'll happen.

    Also manifesting into the universe that the speculated "WIN - ELIM" track record for Ra'Jah is false.
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  16. Bit of an update even though solid tea will only exist once filming is over. They should be around Ep. 8/9 now and those speculated to be out:

    Almost 100% - Yara, Jiggly, Silky, Pandora

    Possible/Likely - Ra’Jah, Serena, Scarlet, A’keria

    Which would leave us with Eureka, Ginger, Jan, TKB and Sonique. TKB’s one that hasn’t been brought up yet and Jan and Sonique are the most likely to still be in.

    Not really much tea about the elimination order except for Yara being first out, Jiggly around fourth out and Silky probably eliminated in the past week.

    I sort of fear for an all white Top 4/3... A’keria and Yara both being out is tragic, if A’keria indeed is.
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  17. BTG


    I'm hoping that means Sonique is performing well, rather than just coasting to the end a la Blair. I'd love for her to win out of that horrendous top five. Thank Christ for her and TKB.
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  18. I hope Silky has managed to last a couple of weeks and done a decent job with her runways being better than they were on Season 11. Hopefully she gets a nice edit. Same for Ra'Jah, although I fear she's an earlier out.

    With this cast, they should have a Lalaparuza/returning challenge.
  19. There's no way Eureka can win. The fans will not give her the votes online. Is Jan the most popular queen there?
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