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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. What about the 10 runways before the final x
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  3. As soon as Bob enters the room, the rest of the winners should vacate. She’d stomp.
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  4. Let's not sleep on Violet, her aesthetic is unparalleled in the winners circle.
  5. I still think I'd rather an early outs season to give some of the people who got fucked over (Jaymes) a real chance.

  6. Yes gawd!
  7. As soon as there's an acting challenge though...
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  8. Is Tyra going to be there?
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  9. She’s not an actress but she’s not not an actress. She’ll be fine.
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  10. 2014

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  11. Violet and Raja are just...completely unparalleled in terms of fashion on the show (and off!).
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  12. It’s bad enough watching lower-tier queens struggle their way through the mortifying scrips WOW subject them to without having to see legends like Raja, Jinkx or Bob do it too.

    Anybody who takes home a crown should automatically be exempt from the indignity of a ‘Sexy and the Kitty Girl’, 'Breastworld' or ‘My Best Squirrelfriend's Dragsmaids Wedding Trip'.
  13. I'd love to see Raja bringing it on the runway, if she steps it up, she's still my favourite winner probably.

    I would also think Violet would bring it, her fashion sense, beside Raja, is unparallaled, she has such a unique vision and aesthetic and really created a great niche for herself, I think, unlike Aquaria (who can delivers look, but I don't think she has the vision a queen like Violet has), at the same time, Jinkx, Alaska and Bob get the show in a way a lot of other queens don't, and they get it while bringing genuine comedy at it without feeling it too forced. I would be curious actually, but I can't see all of the winners agreeing to do such a season, also I'd think having Tyra Sanchez could be interesting but I am not sure if the relationship with WOW and the show overall would make that possible.
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  14. James doesn't do drag anymore and definitely does not want to return.
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  15. Oh my bad, I forgot he retired from drag
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  16. He threatened to bomb the Los Angeles Convention Center during DragCon in a manner credible enough that it warranted an official investigation. Even if James hadn’t retired from drag, it’s well past time to lay the “Tyra should return to Drag Race” narrative to rest.
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  17. And then Bob takes over the show. It's in the universe now.
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  18. I keep seeing random fan videos about this All Winners Season pop up in You Tube, is it definitely going to be a thing?
  19. 'Tea' Dump of most of the pertinent stuff:

    Not much new on AS6 that hasn't previously been discussed.

    DRUK 2 - 10 episodes

    - About to film episode 9 of 10, so filming should wrap soon.

    General consensus on pre-lockdown events:

    Ep 1

    - Wimbledon themed Mini Challenge
    - Hometown/Icons multiple runway challenge, similar to last time
    - Asttina wins
    - Bimini vs Joe
    - Joe is eliminated, but is seemingly brought back as a returning queen in Ep 5 (first Nov episode)

    Ep 2

    - Musical Theatre Challenge (rumoured to be themed around 'Rats', as in a parody of 'Cats')
    - Veronica or Tia win
    - Cherry vs Tayce, lipsync to Cats (probably 'Memory')
    - Cherry goes

    Ep 3

    - Lawrence wins
    - Asttina vs Tia
    - Asttina goes

    Ep 4

    - Lawrence wins
    - Ginny vs Sister Sister
    - Ginny leaves/walks out of the lipsync at some point - does not get invited back in Ep 5 as a potential 'comeback queen'.

    Possible judges - Liz Hurley, Sheridan Smith, Judi Dench, Joan Collins, Naomi Campbell, Joanna Lumley (Dawn French confirmed).

    S13 - 16 episodes

    13th - Kahmora Hall
    12th - Joey Jay
    11th - Tamisha Iman
    10th - Elliott Puckett
    9th - Lala Ri
    8th - Denali Foxx
    7th - Tina Burner/Utica
    6th - Utica/Tina Burner
    5th - Probably Olivia Lux
    Top 4 - Rosé, Symone, Kandy Muse, Mik

    - Episode 1 - the queens lipsync against one another and are placed into Winners/Losers groups, then two premieres for each group across eps 2 and 3. First elimination is seemingly ep 4.
    - Symone wins 4 challenges, 2 aren't solo wins, and is in the bottom at least twice.
    - Rosé wins 3 challenges, one is alongside Symone - no bottoms.
    - Mik wins 2 challenges (Ball, Snatch Game), Kandy wins 1 (roast of previous Miss Congeniality queens - likely Heidi, Valentina, Nina West), but appears to lipsync 3 times.
    - Mik apparently wins Snatch Game as Paris Hilton. Utica performs badly.
    - Some lipsync songs are apparently: 100% Pure Love, Fancy, You Need To Calm Down, Boss.
    - Some runway themes are apparently: Yellow, Bag Phrases (looks inspired by phrases like 'cat's out of the bag'), Little Black Dress, Beast Couture, Beaded, Trains, Lamé, Sheer, and a Lady and the Vamp fashion show mini challenge like S7/12, with daytime and nighttime looks respectively.

    All Winners - tbc filming dates, probably early 2021

    The Vivienne, Bob, Jinkx, Alaska, Monét, Raja, Violet, Trinity, Aquaria, Shea, Bianca, and Trixie have all been contacted - unknown if the others have as of yet.

    - Those in green have apparently accepted.
    - Those in blue are likely to accept based on previous comments they've made.
    - Those in orange are unknowns.
    - Those in red are unlikely based on previous comments they've made.
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  20. The Vivienne is going to be exterminated.
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