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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I should elaborate that I'm using 'perched' as a synonym here for 'I genuinely can't quite believe it and I am literally just curious as to how she managed to turn it the fuck out so consistently against some pretty hardcore lipsyncers' - not that I'm a fan of Silky's dd.
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  2. ñññ I got it.

    It's gonna be heart-wrenching for the unspoiled gals to see Silky beat one after another and the final choice being between her and Eureka... what kind of dark timeline, honestly.
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  3. BTG


    If the tea is true, and it’s a full episode of lip syncs, then like @EnsnareTheSenses suggested, did they film that many consecutive lip syncs back to back? In which case, that is a pretty incredible (and curious) display from Silky.

    That makes a lot more sense than what the original tea suggested: the lip syncs being filmed at the end of every episode and then edited into one episode.
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  4. As someone who has never seen Silky perform outside of her showings of No Scrubs and Bootylicious... were they outliers for her or are we expecting major riggery?
  5. They filmed the lipsyncs after every elimination, not all at once.
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  6. Literally how could anyone, except maybe Coco or TKB (or Tayce actually), win that many lip syncs?
  7. Agreed. I thought it was a stretch to even say Silky beat Nina West in that lipsync. I’ve also performed alongside Silky and while she is one of the nicest queens you’ll ever meet, she didn’t give me lipsync assassin.

    I can only imagine it’ll be some fuckery and people will be mad as hell lol.
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  8. They should announce the cast today as an April fools joke.
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  9. Let me spoil the Silky news to the other girls and pretend it's an April Fools gag.
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  10. I wish Silky returning for All Stars, getting eliminated early and then winning 7 lipsyncs to try to return but ultimately losing to Eureka was an April Fool's joke, because it certainly could be.
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  11. I imagine they'll want to use the break between S13 and AS6 to promote the shit out of it - not only is it moving to another channel, but S13 has lost a lot of steam, and outside of giving Shea and Jujubee a nice bump on their socials, AS5 passed pretty much without a trace.

    They must be having some fairly interesting discussions now about where their priorities lie going forward. I reckon the runaway success of UK S2 has potentially caught them quite off-guard, and I actually wouldn't be surprised if a US channel would put up enough of an offer to wrestle it away from WOW-only broadcasting outside of the UK. I'm curious to see how IAS is going to pan out, and how much international traction DRDU is going to receive as another Ru-helmed series.

    With US All Stars seasons, 5 and 6 are lacking in big name star power that I think they'll be very keen on addressing come AS7, should it come. The good news is that they have a lot of untapped potential in S12, and some across 10 and 11, with potential for a few older season wildcards and a few eager S13 candidates. They're very lucky S12 was absolutely stacked, as it's bought them some time.
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  12. They'll probably see how AS6 does on Paramount+ and then maybe do future UK seasons on Paramount+ in the US in the future.
    I'm still very curious how the show will do on streaming.

    Especially curious about when the world is more normal and so much of Drag Race viewing is at bars for viewing parties. It's a bit different to do a live viewing party when the show is streaming. A lot of bars for Dragula had a hell of at time - but mainly because of it's spotty release schedule. But sometimes the viewing party would be like a day late or whatever and like, by then everyone's seen it on their own so there's less reason to pack a bar. Guess we'll see.
  13. Did they finish filming IAS? Jimbo is back on Cameo now... could they really have shot almost a full season in just over 2 weeks?
  14. Or Jimbo is out quite early?
  15. It's only six episodes apparently, and I think they only got Sundays off on DRUK, so definitely could have done it in 2 weeks.

    Monique, Janey and Baga all popped up again yesterday, so definitely done and dusted, rather than just bored early outs.
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  16. Six episodes feels like such a waste of a genuinely stacked cast (plus Baga).
  17. BTG


    Six episodes also feels very unlike current Drag Race considering the current season will have been airing for four months by the time it ends.

    Strange that they went with so few episodes unless it was some sort of BBC co-production and they didn’t want to go all out.
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  18. Six episodes makes me shudder with fear, please no bloody teams as per All Stars 1! Let these ladies shine individually.

    Regarding Jimbo they are so marmite I see a very early out edit or top 3 placement with nothing in between. If Lemon is in this I could envisage a win she’s very talented and young so will attract the younger demographic which WOW is desperate to build. We all know WOW doesn’t care about us queers anymore they know we will watch this show to the bitter end come hell or high water.

    Baga will get dragged to the end as she has that obvious humour that the producers always fall for, I actually think if Cheryl has upped her fashion game she could also be in for a shot at winning or in my dream world Pangina wipes the floor with them all and sends them packing one by one.
  19. I believe the cast is only 9 people, so it would be them working individually
  20. So 5 eliminations and a Top 4 finale? Imagine having an almost 50% chance of making the end and... not making it ññ
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