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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

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    Lemon was fine but out of Canada's first season they're really going to push her???
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  2. I'm hoping for a dark horse Envy win even if it's entirely out of the realm of possibility.
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  3. Envy isn't on, she was spotted back in the Netherlands while filming was still ongoing and was also live on Instagram during that time.
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  4. ...eaux.

    Jimbo it is then!
  5. I would love a Jimbo win. What a queen
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  6. They don’t even try anymore ññ
  7. This sent me.
  8. I don't know why WoW tries anymore either. They should just announce the season and the cast the second they get back since everyone knows anyways. It'd be like if sports teams couldn't reveal who was on the team this year until the first game. Like hmm... They disappeared, it's kinda obvious.
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  9. Drag Race Mini Challenge "Come up with the wildest excuse for why you were absent on social media" when?
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  10. Kiara was such a diamond in that show. She's the sort of person who would really benefit from the additional finessing that seems to come when people reach All Stars.
  11. Lemon had one of my favourite Snatch Game performances ever and was a great example of a queen completely surpassing the level she was cast to perform at, so she absolutely is an All Star in my book.

    If she gets the looks together then she's absolutely a contender for the finals.
  12. Lemon easily deserved top 4 alongside Priyanka, Rita and Jimbo. With an AllStars makeup and outfits glow up she could be near unstoppable.
  13. The caption!
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  14. Ilona Verley commenting on Blu's post and herself having had a gap in not posting anything on Instagram since mid-February, was she also a on IAS?
  15. Sam


    I wish they’d keep this International All Stars and especially keep Manila

    Like ..., did she kill it on AS4? Yes! But am I sick of her campy cross eyed schtick? Also yes

    Let the UK girls have an AS to themselves x
  16. Manila has been debunked, I'm almost positive. From the US it was Jujubee and Monique.
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  17. There was discussion about it on Reddit, but Ilona is not a prolific poster on Instagram. She posted in February but hadn't posted since August before then.

    Manila isn't on it. The cast is :

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  18. Is International AS an actual competition? Or is a Kumbaya around a campfire? And are they really gonna invite Jujubee and not give her the crown again?
  19. I think Blu will do better than Baga and Cheryl, though that's a hunch. Jujubee to win!
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