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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. BTG


    I love Juju and Monique but my eye is already twitching at the thought of them being booted while Baga makes it to the final.
  2. Kind of here for Janey and Pangina to murder the competition.
    Baga first out please.
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  3. Juju and Baga were supposedly spotted having a cigarette outside of the studio near the end of the filming date so it's likely both made it far.

    Monique and Blu both had Whatsapp activity before filming ended, unfortunately.

    Pangina seems super happy online so hopefully she made it far, as her and Juju seem close now.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    If Juju doesn't win....though Jimbo and Monique hugely deserve too.
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  6. I almost feel like Monique was sort of naive to come back a third time, because I have zero faith in producers that have only ever treated her as a spare part. In Season 10, she was overlooked for wins (Drag on a Dime, Bossy Rossy) in favour of queens it's clear producers had selected as having more storyline potential. And then in All Stars, she performed beyond anybody's expectations but I don't believe for a second producers had her earmarked as anything other than a middle-out who fought for her place and wins through sheer force of will and talent... as evidenced by the fact production were never going to let her out-place Monet despite a better showing.

    Of course, the fanbase have never really embraced her as an all-time great in the way she truly deserves so I absolutely don't blame her decision to go back at all, especially in a climate where it's harder to make money and within a fanbase that constantly displaces you with a fresh set of queens season after season. I'm just already bracing myself for her to not get so lucky this time, amidst her already not being a high priority for producers, them potentially wanting to spread eliminations between the casts and rewarding more popular queens.
  7. I hope Cheryl goes in for a good time and has a good run all in all
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  8. I adore Juju and Monique, but if US All Stars remains active, it seems really unfair to use up spots on US queens.
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  9. BTG


    I’ve said this a million times but Monique had a fantastic All Stars run and never gets the praise she deserves for it.

    Her bottom two position in week two was debatable and she was bottom by default in the roast to enable the lip sync twist despite the fact it would’ve been an easy high position in any other week.
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  10. In a cast like that (and with Baga apparently going far) I fully expect Blu to be out first.
  11. I've cursed Blu, haven't I?
  12. As much as i adore Juju and she sits somewhere in my top ten im not really sure what left she has to offer? She's had three entire seasons to showcase herself at different stages of her career and it'd just be a bit of a smear on her resume to see her do anything but win. Which then begs the question; how are they going to navigate that, avoid US queen favouritism and push Monique as the effortless legend she is? If they wanted to include a "vet" that could do with some primetime exposure miss Coco Monfacetune is right there. Food for thot

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  13. I don't really mind Juju getting another go. We've long since moved on from AS5, there will be no tour coin to make from it, and she has cats to feed.
  14. When is this International season supposed to air? After All Stars 6?
    And I would love if Juju wins. Although it is funny to have an International season and have someone from the US win, but maybe I only think of it that way because I live in the US, and because it is the main series.
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  15. Will the International season be used to start BBC3 next year?
  16. I can’t blame any of them taking part in International. To be honest, I’d say it’s a no loss professionally. On the Drag Race spectrum it’s probably the same ranking as “Celebrity Farmers” and in Covid, they need the work. It’ll be forgotten.
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  17. Posted on main, but filming for the finale in LA appears to be underway so I'd expect some T to drop soon!
  18. BTG


    So, for this week’s episode, Ru makes each girl lip sync by themselves. Which means we’re sitting through four back-to-back lip syncs. This damn show.

    I’m perched what song they give some of these girls because a solo lip sync is very exposing.
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  19. They should've filmed each of them getting eliminated. That'd have been a gag.
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  20. This show needs to scale back on the lip syncs. It's too much.
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