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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Didn't they struggle to cast queens for this All Stars? I imagine Jan would have been eager to take part, unlike the other choices who declined.
  2. The tea checker for International All Stars is out. Whilst nothing is concrete yet, there are some things to which the spillers agree:

    - Janey and Lemon are the first ones out;
    - Cheryl makes it relatively far (possibly Top 5);

    - Supposedly all the UK queens make it past episode 3;
    - Monique and Cheryl win girlgroups together;
    - Monique is third out, which I hate and pray is wrong but wouldn’t surprise me since she seemed a bit down on Instagram right after she returned;
    - Pangina is Top 4.
  3. At least four episodes of Jimbo? Canada stans won.
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  4. Nooo not Lemon being an early out!
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  5. There's a tea spiller that claims Monique and Blu are finalists, but I find it unlikely, to be honest.

    I'm almost positive Baga (...) and Jujubee are finalists, my guess to round that out would be Pangina and Jimbo.

    I hope Pangina makes it all the way, I'm rooting for her so that Drag Race Thailand is resurrected.
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  6. BTG


    Monique having a bad run does not make sense with my fantasy.
  7. RuPaul eliminating Kandy Muse and being like "No wait!" but letting Monique walk out third doesn't make sense with my fantasy either. I get some of that has to do with episode count though. And it would be kind of funny if Ru was sticking her neck out for the queens of the main US show.

    I do think it's nice Pangina is going to make it far though, as Ru doesn't even host RPDR: Thailand
    and probably hasn't even watched it.
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  8. Monique receiving the Ginger Minj circa All Stars 2 edit!
  9. Calling it now, Monique will say "Facts are facts, America, I mean... World!" or something of the sort.
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  10. What on Earth is Baga's talent going to be? Racism? Getting allegedly questionably consenting audience members to strip?
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  11. Can we add belittling his Mother on national tv? The thing with Baga is he doesn't have any C.U.N.T, but he is a cunt, so I expect that could be where Ru gets confused.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Baga potentially making it further than Monique Heart is a hellish timeline.
  13. Baga’s outfits and wigs were so bad during season one that I can’t picture her going far this season. Yes she’s popular, but I can’t see how they’ll justify that with an elevated group of contestants.

    Definitely excited if rumors of Pangina and Jujubee doing well are true.
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  14. I believe Baga's outfits were leaked by someone who knew her and, yeah, they were mediocre to say the least. Also the runway themes are not it.
  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Jujubee coming in 3rd for a 4th time weirdly is my kink and also my kryptonite.
  16. Uno


    Thoroughly surprised Lemon is an early out. Thought she'd be a great dark horse.
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  17. BTG


    Surely Juju has this in the bag if she makes it to the final? Having her make it to the end twice in two years only to lose? A mess.
  18. For the second time as well dddd
  19. Baga will probably have mildly more acceptable runways this time around and the judges and producers will build a “growth!” storyline around it.
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  20. I've read tea that Jimbo is a bit of a villain
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