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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

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  2. Nn I can absolutely see that from their run on Drag Race Canada.
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  3. I am not surprised, the way Jimbo jumped on the "I hate JBC" bandwagon in every post show interview I've seen really put me off her.
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  4. I stopped digging her too much in that episode she was teamed up with Ilona and Tynomi. She really should've been put in the bottom for how badly she worked in a team, not to mention she sort of screwed them up.
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  5. Jimbo ripping Rita Naga's runway look to shreds during episode 7 of Canada was SAVAGE. The way she went in on her wig. Girl she's already dead.
  6. Lemon being an early out really hurts me though. And Monique. And Baga doing well? Sigh.

    Crown Jujubee I guess and call it day.

  7. Not a spoiler, but only posting this here so that I can say that I hate that Ginger gets to come back for a 3rd time for All Stars and Dida still hasn't been asked.
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  8. Dida was meant to be on AS6 but got dropped last minute, I think that’s why she’s feeling some sort of way. I’d have taken the girly girl over Ginger any day.
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  9. It's just another classic example of production having no idea what fans want. Any fan of the show would gladly welcome Dida over giving Ginger yet another go.
  10. They turned down The Carrie Bradshaw Of Drag™️ in favour of Ole Minj Ging
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  11. Well if you love Dida, go send her some loving @'s on twitter. It can really make a difference.
    I'm lucky enough to see her perform in Chicago frequently (When the world is normal), She is an amazing performer and always the nicest. My roommate is a big fan of hers and when she turned 21 she went up to Dida after a show to tell her that she loves her, and loved her perfomance and all that and Dida just looked so happy. She deserves so much more love than she gets. Hopefully WoW will get their heads out of their ass and get her on All Stars. It's been long overdue.
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  12. Uno


    Is there really no T on what happened during the finale?
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  13. Have they even filmed it yet?
  14. No real T, but plenty of wild rumours.

    People are trying to push the idea that there were three Britney songs. A separate rumour is that Gotmik shaves her head to a Britney song as a Free Britney protest? It seems to be based purely on her currently being bald (which honestly is a look).

    Also a couple of people are saying Symone and Kandy are the top two, noone with form though. It might be based on Kandy posting yesterday looking for designer to pull from urgently yesterday, which people are reading into being for the winner reaction they always film.
  15. Drag Race has been a great launchpad for new formats that are now more interesting than Drag Race.

    Alaska's "Drag Queen of the Year Pageant Competition Award Contest Competition" was great and the Spanish-language Dragueando with Alexis Mateo, Jessica Wild and Cynthia Lee Fontaine has great potential. I've always hated the 'your English is not great' criticism that we have seen in previous seasons and its great something is coming along to celebrate Latin drag.

    It's a shame that WoW don't want to support any other drag formats.
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  16. rdp


    A post from Zaldy on instagram confirmed that they filmed it over the weekend
  17. [​IMG]
  18. That rumour cannot be true. To shave your head to a Britney song would be so offensive.
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  19. Yeah I'm taking that one with a bucket of salt.

    There's just no way. Right? Right?
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  20. Well I never believed Butterfly gate until it happened and my god what a car crash.
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