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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I feel like GottMik would know that that’s a silly move. I’d hope so anyway.
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  2. I mean Sasha was going to cut her wig up if she got Stronger at the Season 9 finale.
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  3. That could signify anything and have nothing to do with Britney. Full on shaving your head is a little different.
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  4. Cutting your hair off to a Britney song, whether you mean it to signify something else. It will read as everything to do with Britney.
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  5. Each to their own interpretation I guess! I heard about that Sasha stunt years ago and never even twigged that it would have anything to do with Britney or her breakdown.

    All in all, the Mik stunt is a gross sounding rumour and hopefully it'll go down as just a rumour with other ridiculous ones like Acid Betty punching Michelle.
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  6. All Stars 6 promo is being shot next week, finally. So they're probably announcing it soon. Maybe for a Pride month release? I wonder if they could have the promo ready to go right after the finale, don't know how long editing takes.

    It's apparently being shot on Monday so it wouldn't be impossible.
  7. rdp


    A reliable source apparently confirmed that the finale songs are Work Bitch, Gimme More & Till The World Ends. Kandy & Symone top 2 (kinda living for this tbh).

    edit: Rosé lost her lipsync to Kandy, and Mik lost to Symone
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  8. Rupaul, you better not.
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  9. I'd feel sold a bit short if we didn't get a Mik v Symone top 2, especially after the pure love that Ru was giving to Mik in the last episode.
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  10. All these Britney songs but they still haven't done Overprotected or (You Drive Me) Crazy, the two which feel perfectly made for a lip sync?
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  11. I desperately want the shaved head rumours to be false. There's no coming back from that.

    A Symone win is the only choice.
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  12. They used Work Bitch already though in season 11?
    Although they did use Nasty before but still used it in season 10 finale
  13. Year of the Big Girl winners incoming. . .
  14. Since they film possible endings, I would live if the Kandy winning one leaked.
  15. Gottmik destroying her huge amount of good will via a Britney faux pas would be iconic.
  16. I can already see Alaska and Willam’s mental gymnastics to justify the stunt.
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  17. Also Kandy in the top 2 is just beyond embarrassing.
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  18. I like Kandy but not like this....not this season.
  19. GottMik actually doing that would be MAJOR but the WeHo gays would riot in the streets like it was fucking Rodney King
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  20. Literally.

    Mik shaving her head to a Britney song should honestly be considered a lot less distasteful than fucking Kandy muse being in the top two of a drag competition. An uninspiring drag queen and an utterly useless contender for the crown. She adds and provides nothing to any situation she is in - whether it’s a conversation, challenge, or runway. Truly the worst top 4 contestant of all time.

    She has never excelled once in any challenge and she has arguably one of the worst runway history’s of any contestant.

    They should just crown her so we never have to suffer through her again on all stars and end this shit season where it belongs - in Kandy’s inept hands.
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