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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. All the leaked (incomplete) looks

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  2. Honestly Serena should be going in last for the gag*. And maybe not even in the promo just so the non spoiler audience feels the gag too.

    *Not that it would be a true gag, as they get told a list of people to prepare reads for.
  3. 2014

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    Here for Ra’Jah, Trinity, Yara, Akeria, Scarlet and Sonique only!!
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  4. I’m happy for some of these queens and others not soo much. I really don’t get why Ginger is competing again.
  5. If Jujubee, Manila, and Latrice can come back then why not? I'm looking forward to the redemption arc that turns her into an adored fan favourite until she eliminates Jan and the fans turn on her again.
  6. All Stars 1 was a mess and the pairs thing didn’t work and ruined it for many of the queens so coming back was their chance for a true all stars appearance. I just feel Ginger had her chance in AS2 and another girl could have had the chance to shine.
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  7. I have zero issue with former All Stars competing again. AS5 was completely lacking in charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent outside of like 4 queens.
  8. Maybe 3 seasons should be the limit you can do.

    Except for Alexis Mateo, she can come back as many times as she wants as far as I am concerned
  9. Absolutely!
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  10. Ginger's casting is an interesting one, because it sort of makes sense in that her elimination from AS2 was very dubious, but that would require the show to acknowledge that they may have fumbled the judging of that task (Herstory Rusical), which I can't see them doing.

    I reckon they probably won't go for much justifying now of places at this point - it made sense to do it with Latrice/Manila on AS4, but not so much now. Plus, I imagine upcoming All Stars seasons will have less of a need to dip back into earlier years, now that they've got a decent amount to work from between S9-13. Shannel/Nina Flowers would seem the most eligible, but I definitely wouldn't say no to a Tatianna re-run. I wonder if they'd consider Thorgy too?

    Also, as it becomes a little clearer who was reliable/who wasn't re: spoilers, it would appear that Ra'Jah has the fewest bottom placements of the finalists (potentially just one, but sketchy at this point), so could have the strongest report card by the end of the competition. Not that it really means much, but it just brings me a lot of joy - I can't imagine how excited she is ahead of this, and I hope she finally gets the credit she deserves.
  11. Also, just for posterity, here are their IG followers currently:

    Ginger: 511k
    Kylie Sonique: 213k
    Ra'Jah: 97.3k
    Eureka: 507k
    TKB: 340k
    Pandora: 358k
    Jan: 509k
    Scarlet: 451k
    Jiggly: 181k
    Yara: 304k
    Silky: 232k
    A'keria: 267k
    Serena: 39.8k

    Can't wait to see Ra'Jah's climb, and hopefully KS, TKB, and Jiggly will get good boosts too.
  12. This was filmed in the midst of a pandemic, so their options might have been limited. Who knows? After her (I feel) unfair elimination in AS2, I'm happy to see her get another chance. Bring back Bebe for another series too. Her withering asides would bring me a lot of joy.
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  13. Oh yeah totally get the pandemic might have limited their choices. I wasn’t really a ginger fan in S7 so maybe this will change my mind
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  14. 6pm UK time btw
  15. BTG


    Eureka rebranding to... Eureka! is a whole other level of pointless.
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  16. She’ll always be eureka to me!
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  17. A’keria has absolutely served in the two looks we’ve seen so far and I was reminded how much I love her on-screen presence, so I’m now dreading her early elimination.
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  18. Why must it be The Big Girl.
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  19. I cannot think of Eureka without thinking of that time she misused This Is Me in the worst way possible for performances after she caught flack for... being Eureka.
  20. I had to Google this and...people cheered.

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