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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. 2014

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    HOW is it possible for Silky to beat 6 girls when she did.... that for No Scrubs??
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  2. So the tea that there are two lip syncs every week and Silky lip syncs every episode is not true, it’s all just in episode 10?

    I’m actually kind of disappointed, I was looking forward to that weekly mess.
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  3. Word is that Yara is bottom 2 with A'Keria, so it didn't seem fair to send her home after just winning the talent show.
    Also, Ra'Jah's chaotic self apparently jumps out and jokes "A'keria sent me home, so I'm sending her home."
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  4. I think the understanding today is that A’keria’s placement is likely swapped with Jiggly’s considering the amount of runways of hers we’ve been shown. They don’t all fit in two episodes. Besides, we’ve barely seen Jiggly in the promo.

    If that’s correct, A’keria would be fifth out. Yara’s crying in a blue outfit, so she must indeed be in the bottom for the second episode (Blue Ball), but A’keria’s shown crying wearing her caftan look (rudemption runway, since Pandora’s sitting besides her wearing the same look she’s wearing right behind Ra’Jah in another scene, where Ra’Jah has her farm runway look), meaning she probably did bad in episode three.
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  5. As much as I love A'keria this would be a scream. Any collateral damage caused by Ra'Jah's glow up is a net positive!
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  6. I noticed that - T spillers are usually pretty on the money with eliminations of US seasons, so that'd be an interesting surprise.
    Although... I wouldn't be surprised if Ru tells the girls that they'll be doing their RuDemption runway after the talent show so that Michelle can't critique looks that were designed for a more practical use.
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  7. Screaming at Ra’Jah having one extra look in the trailer and the locals gagging shes an early out!!

    Ra’Jah’s Revenge: The Re-Up will restore global serotonin production
  8. I’m honestly so excited for how pressed some people are going to be with Ra’Jah and even Silky lasting so long, it’ll be delicious to watch Silky send home some fan favourites for the hate they’ve put her through, if deserved.

    She snapped here.
  9. Those lip sync songs!

  10. Not Miss Kylie doing Chromatica promo, we have no choice but to stan relentlessly
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  11. Ugly Heart for a lip sync song. Oh fuck yes.
  12. It's going to be multiple lipsyncs of this chaotic energy

    And Ru will be living for it as we watch in horror and confusion.
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  13. I am ready to ironically stan Silky's All Stars 6 run.
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  15. BTG


    Yara proving she’s a true early season girl by being a mess in trying to send Trinity home over Serena. Iconic.
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  16. Ra'Jah going HIGH-WIN in the premiere night with the two episodes being made available. Legendary behaviour.
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  17. 2014

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    TKB doing stand up comedy for her talent was........unexpected.
  18. Uno


    Same. I hate when girls do lipsyncing as their talent, but if there was one exception to the rule, it would be Miss TKB.
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  19. The way Trinity could’ve put a ballroom track behind “what do you do successfully...quickly” and probably would’ve won only to attempt stand-up and almost be first out.
  20. Didn't Trinity do really well at the roast or standup challenge in season 6 though? She was probably trying to conjure that up again for herself.
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