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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Wasn't the tea that the producers actually wrote the jokes for her so she could have a moment before they eliminated her? If true, I don't know why she thought she'd be able to pull a stand-up routine off on her own.
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  2. Right? I feel like a little self referential nod would have had everyone gagging. That, dance break, sorted.
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  3. She could have had someone write jokes for her again and have prepared her delivery well in advance? The talent show isn't spontaneous, your act has to be approved by the producers and I guess you have to stick to what you showed them.
  4. I applaud queens trying a variety of things for the variety show where... variety isn't really celebrated? If you look at the winners:

    AS2 - Tatianna (Spoken Word) // Roxxxy (High energy Burlesque)
    AS3 - Aja (High energy dance number) // DeLa (Comedic Burlesque)
    AS4 - Monique (High energy singing/dancing number) // Trinity ('Comedic'/'Singing' Tucking Tutorial)
    AS5 - India (High energy dance number)
    AS6 - Yara (seemingly a high energy comedic/dancing number)

    Aside from Tatianna's genius and the riggory of Trinity's placement, if performed well, flashy/high energy/dancey performances are your best shot at winning over Ru. Aside from Tatianna, nothing 'downbeat' has ever really registered with the panel - case in point being Detox being rewarded a higher placement for slapping her arse with paint over Adore/Ginger actually singing well. Or Miz Cracker performing crunchy dips in a pickle outfit over Mariah's genuinely moving performance.
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  5. I thought Ginger was in the top 4 that week and Detox just safe?

    Besides this, I agree with you
  6. I don't... think so? I haven't got the episode to hand, but I think I remember they said something about it being a bit low-energy/grim, and then they critiqued the fit of her outfit. On this fan wiki, they have her listed as 'low' that week, which is what I had in my mind.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yara seemingly smashing out the gate makes her early exit even more heartbreaking, she deserves to be a real contender.
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  8. Oh, yeah, you are right! I remembered the critiques of her talent performance being actually not bad (especially since the bottom 3 got quite harsh critiques), so I figured she was high for some reason
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  9. How on earth does Yara end up flopping in a week 2 ball challenge against some of these queens?! You can't seriously be telling me she's outdone by the likes of Ginger and Silky, especially if one of the outfits is constructed from scratch.
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  10. Ra'Jah sewing on stage. Her mind.

    Not Jan landing in the bottom in episode three already. That's why her and Silky were fighting. Wish she'd been eliminated over Silky, considering Silky was high for the talent show, but seein Silky beat her later on at the lipsync will be great.
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  11. A shame that it is Jiggly going second, I was really looking forward to seeing more from her.
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  12. adz


    Sponsored by Dr Luke?

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  13. Jaida, Shea, and Violet have all recently cancelled tour dates this July...

    I think it’s actually happening, girls.
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  14. Wait, these three on the same season? We love a triple crown moment.
  15. I can't imagine how a winners season would work unless they take my idea of "No one gets eliminated the whole time so they can each show off each week but at the end, a winner is still chosen from the group"

    Imagine spending thousands of dollars for looks and getting eliminated early? Because you know every single thing they bring for it would be expensive.
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  16. Surely this is what has to happen? There's no way in hell I can see the potential competitors on this season risking the sheer indignity of being first eliminated and branded officially the worst winner. How embarrassing would that be?

    And yes, you're right, I'm shaking at the thought of how expensive this season is going to be for the queens.
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  17. Uno


    If Bob isn't on it, they shouldn't even go through with it.
  18. Pretty sure I remember reading they were saving heavy hitters like Bob and Alaska for a potential season 2 if it works out well.
  19. Doesn't that happen already every season?
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  20. This strategy seems odd - Bob said they would do it, wouldn't it make sense to do it now? Not when you try and gather 10 winners again and tours are actually happening next year. Mess.
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