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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. For me it has to be an all or nothing kinda thing.

    As if you don't have everyone (who isn't cancelled or doesn't do drag anymore) you'll always have people say. Oh they wouldn't have won if X was there.
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  2. The thought of several weeks of extreme runway looks from Violet in an All Stars season? I'm shaking.
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  3. As if the World of Wonder soundstage is big enough to fit 20 (?) queens at the same time--not that they'd all want to do it again. 10 per season seems fine, they can let the fans vote, bring in the top 5 (who are willing to do it), and the producers can pick the other 5.

    There's never going to be an 'ultimate' winner as long as the show has the format of sending people home, the runways only seemingly counting in cases of tiebreakers, and lip syncs only being to save/win--there will always be the argument that X fashion queen was robbed because there were too many acting challenges or Y lip sync assassin was robbed because they were never in the bottom or Z comedy queen was robbed because there were too many fashion challenges.

    It'll be fun to see the winners come back and have some fun, there's no need to turn it into the ultimate tournament of champions, especially when the main show is still shitting out seasons.
  4. Bob recently said he won’t do it unless the prize is $1 million.
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  5. Yes but for an All Winners season... the queens would be blowing the budg majorlyy to compete.
  6. It seems that TKB has 2 wins, which casts a lot of questions over her elimination prior to the finale and the number of wins the rest of the Top 3 have. I just can't see Eureka not winning the last episode if TKB is eliminated, but if she has 2 wins, either one out of the other three finalists has less than two wins or we'll get a double win at some point.
  7. I actually don't agree about a Winners season being some "we're all here every week" shit. The element of excitement would come from a WINNER leaving 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. Having everyone there every week would be a clusterfuck and if it were a point system you'd know from the scores who physically can't win a few weeks in anyway.

    There's always ways for queens to showcase looks they weren't able to, but that's part of the game.
  8. Yeah it'd make amazing TV to see the winners booted out each week, I just genuinely don't think they'd sign up for that, for the embarrassment of potentially being an early out.

    I hope I'm wrong.
  9. Agreed. The level of competitiveness and drama just won’t be the same without the threat of elimination.

    Give the winners a non-elimination premiere like they do on the regular US seasons now and have another lipsync battle for the eliminated queens to have a chance to return like in AS4 (minus the Ru songs this time). With that and the cast returning for the finale, all the queens would be guaranteed a minimum of 4 episodes and also get to show off their planned crowning look.
  10. Honestly 100% here for a Violet win.
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  11. Considering so many of the Winner's Circle have a Podcast, it'll be interesting to see whether all of them go on hiatus simultaneously.
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  12. Bebe
    Tyra [Out]
    - Chad
    - Alaska
    - Trixie
    - Trinity The Tuck
    - Monet X Change
    - Shea Coulee

    That's 2 seasons of 9 queens each, if those still doing drag all came back. I would... support that.
  13. I just can’t see why someone like Yvie or Sharon would do it
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  14. Surely they won't bring Sharon back after everything that came out last year?
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  15. I wouldn't include All Stars Winners just have the real winners.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I....would always choose against a winner's season, and I would find it highly surprising if any Queens do want to go through it all again, there's far more to lose than gain I feel. I could see maybe Jinkx/Chad doing All Stars seasons in a similar fashion to Bebe though.
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  17. BTG


    If the casting tea is to believed, it’s pretty clear that a lot of girls that fans thought were dead certs either declined or are purposefully waiting to see how things pan out.

    What’s in it for someone like Bianca, for example? She had a flawless run and makes a fortune on solo tours. Why would she ever want to come back and have her drag critiqued for £100,000? Some of these queens are millionaires already, there’s so much more to lose than gain.
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  18. In one of the recent Sibling Rivalry episodes (I say recent, at some point during the S13 run) Bob said he wouldn't go for less than a million. He also had the idea of the queens bringing their teams with them, so you see essentially their entire force vs them on their own, making it a bit closer to the real life thing. It's an interesting idea.

    Prize money is one thing, but the contracts theyll be signing are another. All the stuff that came out about them really makes you wonder why a queen who won any of the earlier seasons would touch it. They'd all want to negotiate their own terms, which wouldn't put the ball in WOWs court as much as they want.
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  19. But then maybe, if that video that exposed the contract was correct, they have no choice in the matter. A lot of the more recent winners will still be under contract to WoW, so maybe if they're called up to do it, they risk a breach of contract if they say no?
  20. Interesting that they appear to be potentially setting up Yara vs. TKB tension in the first couple of episodes, with what Yara picking TKB's lipstick despite the group (perhaps the entire group?) going with Serena instead. Then, it seems like pretty much all of the group votes off Jiggly on Ep 2, presumably as Yara has a win under her belt, but TKB chooses Yara in what I'm guessing is something of an act of revenge.
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