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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Don't think either of those would jump right into All Stars so it probably strengthens the Celebrity Drag Race rumours.
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  2. I can see Crystal doing it for sure, she wouldn't have jumped in as fast as Jan did but I don't think it's too soon anymore. I wouldn't have been surprised to see Awhora do it really fast either.
  3. I think they were referring to GottMik and Rose.
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  4. Oh lord NOT more Rosé PLEASE.
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  5. Don’t they film Celeb Drag Race at the same time as a regular season? Availability of the judging panel, etc.

    Oh God… are they already on to season 15?!
  6. Mrs Kasha Davis has not been cancelling gigs so I refuse to believe AS7 is coming yet.
  7. Jimbo being top 2 twice in 4 episodes before being sent to the shadow realm by Jujubee makes me feel a lot better than thinking she flops.
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  8. The chaos of two fan favorites like Juju and Jumbo fighting sounds iconic.
  9. Pangina getting eliminated at Snatch Game has a dark energy. I can see them using the dreaded 'language barrier' critique. The lack of respect.
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  10. Jimbo eliminating Juju in Ep 1 would be… transcendent
  11. Losing Cheryl for BAGA???

    Absolutely not.
  12. I hate it here.

    Can we go back to the rumours where Cheryl and Pangina make top 3, please?
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  13. R92


    Baga Shitz being the front runner… I hate it here.
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  14. Reading that MAGA Shitz does well...
  15. I still can’t believe Lemon going first. She was so well rounded in her season (apart from a design challenge) and had such a fire. I’m sad we only get one episode of her.
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  16. Why is there absolutely no mention of Janey Jacké in any of the tea?
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  17. My good will for Blu to win the whole thing has been soured by her having the chance to save Cheryl over Maga and not taking it.

    Refuse to believe this is accurate.
  18. Blu and Baga are in Frock Destroyers, so I get why they'd support each other. It's a real shame for Cheryl though. It would be nice if she lasted a bit longer.
  19. So this is rigged for a UK queen to win and they didn't bother giving Divina a call?

  20. THIS. This so much. I'm baffled by the whole thing. I get they might not have wanted all 3 of the Frock Destroyers, but they went with Baga over Divina?
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