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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I mean I couldn’t care less for Baga but if Cheryl does badly two episodes in a row and Baga actually does well in episode 1, it’s the logical decision.

    Also, I hope they go back to lipsync for your legacy and Top 2 in every comeback format. The lipsync assassin twist was improved on All Stars 6 but it was still worse than the Top 2 lipsyncs to me. The more we see the actual contestants lipsyncing the better.
  2. This, and I also appreciated that it evened the playing field of wins more. All Stars 6 was largely great but it felt even more focused on scorecards than any All Stars season before.
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  3. Yeah and I feel like they wanted it to be even win-wise so much that most of the wins were questionable whereas had they done the Top 2 format the final five queens would’ve naturally had pretty similar track records.

    Kylie would’ve already had at least one Top 2 by the American Horror Story episode so they wouldn’t have plotted that win and she would have another one on Snatch Game, for instance.
  4. I haven't actually been that close to IAS spoilers, but it seems like there's a likelihood of a top four of Monique, Juju, Blu, and Baga? That's an interesting top four, because I could see them pulling it in any direction.

    Ultimately, it feels like there is underlying pressure to crown Jujubee as a fourth time competitor, but it also seems like she might not have the best track record either? Then again, that didn't stop her from receiving an overwhelming amount of support throughout AS5. I have a nasty suspicion that WOW would love for Baga to be an ambassador for the UK as an example of 'classic British drag' in their minds, but if the international success of Bimini and Tayce is anything to show, it's that people are seemingly responding better to the fresher, edgier perspective the UK can bring.

    Blu storming is a pleasant surprise, and she would translate very well to an international audience. I imagine she would be appealing to WOW in engaging their younger audience. And Monique's career definitely feels like it's been gaining considerable traction recently - another season of her performing well, and as a narrator, could really push her to further heights.
  5. 2014

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    Cheryl is incredibly loveable but competitively she's just always so out of her depth n n. I also love Jujubee and while getting to a final for a 4th time is incredible, apart from her talking heads I don't really know what else she's going to have on offer for relatively new Queens like Jimbo to suffer? She needs to properly WOW etc. (but I'm ready!)
  6. Jimbo eliminating Jujubee in episode 1 would have been a SCREAM


  7. I love Jujubee but my god

    A fourth time?? Why the same queens all the time!
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  8. I agree. But then again, if there ever was a queen I wanted to see for a fourth time, it's Jujubee.
  9. I don't blame Jujubee doing another season. She didnt even get a professional photoshoot for her last All Star gig. All the girls got that season were back stage entrance looks... I’d come back for a hopefully decent photo for booking reasons alone.
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  10. I think the case with Jujubee is that Rupaul loves her, and for any of these queens that weren't fully exposed during the absolute peak years, any opportunity is a good chance to get a higher booking fee.

    The market is flooded, and they need to keep in the wider drag race conscientious.
  11. No tea on Janey Jacké? I'd love for her to go far in the competition.
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  12. Same, it's getting ridiculous.
  13. Isn’t this like the best of the best from all around the world against the UK though? Keeping winning queens out of the running, Jujubee is a decent choice. Though I’d love to see Alyssa again…
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  14. I actually don't mind Juju as a choice for International. If there's only going to be a couple US queens cast, I'd rather it be someone who has been on All Stars. I just feel like the US queens should probably have a chance to shine on All Stars first before being in a limited Internationals slot.

    It doesn't really matter though, they're just going to cast big names for International because if they want US viewers to watch it- pulling in big names from the US seasons is a good strategy because not everyone watches the other countries' Drag Race. And Juju is widely known and popular enough to bring in the audience. I could definitely see someone like Alyssa being on it sometime too. I actually think even Katya would be a gag on there someday as well.
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  15. I wouldn't mind Jujubee being cast in every season. Drag Race Italy? Giugiubee.
  16. Ok so it seems like all the tea that had been posted about IAS last week was false so we’re back to (sort of) just knowing the elimination order.
  17. And Divina is still not in?

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  18. So you're telling me there's no Jimbo dominance and Juju rivalry after all?

  19. I'm still mad at you for this by the way.
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  20. Pangina speaks English well though, no?
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