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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Lawrence and Bimini should have been a double crowing, they are as equally as amazing as each other in different ways.
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  2. In case y’all missed it, there’s new T about the premiere episode (talent show) of UKVSTW:

    Baga Chipz is Top 2, but loses the lip sync (unknown against who, but Pangina, Mo and Janey are the most likely options).

    Lemon tap dances and is eliminated.

    Cheryl sings. Her placement hasn’t been spilled yet but it is likely not great (either Low or BTM2).

    Overall, this T isn’t surprising. With the amount of production favoring Baga got on UK1, her winning the talent show was obvious even tho her song (that leaked last year) is really boring.

    I really hope this season isn’t a mess. But it’s not looking great so far.
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  3. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Why does this have me screaming?
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  4. Lemon following the Coco Montrese All Stars narrative

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  5. I couldn't find anything on Reddit about top 2 being Blu and Mo :(
  6. I love lemon and I’m sad she’s a franchise flop :(
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  7. This is the first season of US Drag Race in a sec where seeing everyone's optimism about the season when you know it's about to be a shitshow from the spoilers is like... Hard to handle.
    This is why I could never travel back in time. I'd be like "You people don't know how good you have it NOT KNOWING WHAT IS TO COME"
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  8. I love ha to death and she’d be in my top 2 for UKvsTW but choosing to tap dance?? Bye
  9. Baga drunkenly bragging about how well she did at a show a few months ago make me think she's very much still in the running for the crown, unfortunately.
  10. The rumor now is that Janey wins both Episode 1 (Talent Show) and Episode 2 (The Ball).

    If this is true and she gets the chop at Top 5... Delete the whole season smh.
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  11. Can we have some tea about Baga actually going first and Lemon surviving a few more episodes?
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  12. I seriously doubt producers are willing to give Janey two consecutive wins when the short season length already inhibits their ability to craft winners arc for their faves (basically Baga) and established names / fan faves (Jujubee, Monique, Jimbo)
  13. Yeah she did a Pride event in my work as well (I only attended cos it was meant to be Lawrence until the literal last minute) and she hinted at having filmed being crowned alright. The worst timeline.
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  14. Do we have any tea on future lip sync for your life songs?
  15. Jennifer Lopez - Play
    Ava Max - My Head & My Heart
    Beyonce - Suga Mama
    Toni Braxton - Unbreak My Heart
    Christina Aguilera - Something Got a Hold On Me
    Whitney Houston - Heartbreak Hotel
    Dua Lipa - Levitating
    Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u
    Lady GaGa & Beyonce - Telephone

    There's a lipsynch-based episode further into the season, so that'll probably be a gaggle of Ru's songs.
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  16. Yes.
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  17. Thank you, but I meant for the upcoming UK vs the World and All Winners seasons (if there are any)
  18. UK v. World

    Ep. 1 - Talent Show
    Top 2: Baga and Janey
    Janey wins.

    Ep. 2 - Ball
    Top 2: Janey and ?
    Janey wins.

    This is mad, her elimination must've been shocking surely?
  19. These first two episodes are gonna be a delight to watch. The whole world and the whole cast is gonna underestimate miss Jacké and write her off from the start. Her winning not only the challenge but also the lip sync both times is gonna be a serve like no other and I’m so excited for the world to fall in love with her.
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  20. With this new T the final season should look something like this:

    Episode 1: Talent Show

    WIN: Janey Jacké
    TOP2: Baga Chipz
    HIGH: Pangina Heals
    SAFE: Mo Heart, Jujubee, Jimbo
    LOW: Blu Hydrangea
    BTM2: Cheryl Hole, Lemon
    ELIM: Lemon

    Episode 2: Ball/Design challenge

    WIN: Janey Jacké
    TOP2: Blu Hydrangea
    HIGH: Jimbo
    SAFE: Mo Heart, Pangina Heals
    LOW: Jujubee
    BTM2: Baga Chipz, Cheryl Hole
    ELIM: Cheryl Hole

    Episode 3: Snatch Game

    WIN: Baga Chipz
    TOP2: Jimbo
    HIGH: Jujubee
    SAFE: Blu Hydrangea
    LOW: Mo Heart
    BTM2: Janey Jacké, Pangina Heals
    ELIM: Pangina Heals

    Episode 4: Rusical or Acting challenge

    WIN: Mo Heart & Jujubee
    BTM4: Janey Jacké, Blu Hydrangea, Baga Chipz, Jimbo
    ELIM: Jimbo

    Episode 5: Rumix

    WIN: Baga Chipz
    TOP2: Blu Hydrangea
    BTM3: Mo Heart, Jujubee, Janey Jacké
    ELIM: Janey Jacké

    Episode 6: Finale

    Baga Chipz: 2 Badges [2x WIN + 1x TOP2]
    Blu Hydrangea: 0 Badges [2x TOP2]
    Mo Heart: 1 Badge [1x WIN]
    Jujubee: 1 Badge [1x WIN]
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