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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. The only pitfall to this is that we wouldn't get Violet on the Pit Stop for the ball episode
  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Is the other Queen in that pic Kerri Colby???!
  3. But this means we likely won’t get Sibling Watchery with Monet.

  4. Ma’am how did you come to that conclusion
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  5. The first lip sync song of the season is:

    I just
  6. Rumoured Canada Vs The World cast:

    Icesis Couture
    Kendall Gender
    Stephanie Prince
    Rita Baga
    Rajah O’Hara
    Silky Genache
    Anita Wigg’lit
    Vanity Milan
    Victoria Scone

    Early elimination order rumours:


    Vanity apparently wins the first 2 episodes.
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  7. Do we know if Ru and Michelle are doing Canada?
  8. If this is correct, and the winner of UK vs The World was always going to be a UK queen; please welcome your new winner, Rita Baga (But I still can't believe Icesis is taking part).
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  9. This has to be Icesis getting the Jimbo treatment. It has to be.
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  10. Ra'jah better win this and the prize better fucking be $100K.
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  11. I really just do not understand why Ices would do this? Against girls she beat out to the crown less than a year ago? There was no way they'd crown her again in such a short period, as such a fresh winner she has nothing to gain from doing this.
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  12. Honestly, I thought it would make more sense for Icesis to judge, and Brooke Lynn to compete.
  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    There better be a Silky Smackdown episode!
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    That cast is cute but there's no real showstopper; Ra'Jah probably comes closest. Maybe Icesis competing is a new twist? Still odd though.
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  15. Can't wait for Ms. Wigglet to wiggle to the top.

    Shame not to have Lemon back and would've loved Kiara to compete too.

    Also I echo the sentiment that Icesis has nothing to gain from this. She proved everything she had to prove so I'm refusing to believe it... even if it actually happens.
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  16. When Ra’Jah was at Roscoe’s a few weeks back with Valentina, she said how happy she was with her rudemption, acknowledged the way these things can go either way when you appear on the show and the fact she was more than content to leave any other appearances for a few years down the line as a result.

    I really don’t think there’s a chance in Hell the likes of her or Icesis are doing this for any other reason than contractual obligation and production forcing their hand.
  17. I guess Jinkx isn’t winning All Winners if Ru can’t even remember her name

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  18. I posted this in I think the main thread but according to the reply on that video, right after she forgets Jinkx's name she tells a very specific story about her from season 5. So I think it's more of a matter of Ru forgetting names over Ru forgetting people all together. Yeah, she should still know. But. Let's be honest, her level of Give A Fuck has been pretty low for *checks watch* 11 years.
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  19. I mean, my husband will legitimately forget your name in the middle of a conversation, so I can forgive Ru for letting a name slip out of her mind every now and then.
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  20. Don't forget that all T we got for UKVSTW right after filming last year turned out to be completely wrong, so take anything that comes out over the coming weeks with a grain of salt.

    If the elimination order is correct tho, that would be a mess for Icesis. She definitely goes home on a Rusical challenge as that is the one episode she flopped on her season.
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