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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Some of you clearly never fuck old men don’t know anyone over the age of 60 because they do be forgetting things constantly.

    Of course Ru knows who Jinkx is.
  2. It's a joke. Ru is taking the piss out of herself and her reputation for not knowing the queens on her own show. Jinkx is one of the few queens she probably can remember. Apparently one of her favourites, or so I've read somewhere.
  3. Don't quote on me on that, but I saw some rumours saying Canada could have the lipsync assassin format so queens like Icesis, Ra'jah and Silky would make sense for that.
  4. Airing: August 17
    Host: Paolo Ballesteros
    Judges: Jiggly Caliente, Kaladkaren

    Brigiding (Quezon City)
    Corazon Filipinas (Quezon City)
    Gigi Era (Melbourne, Australia)
    Eva Le Queen (Manila)
    Lady Morgana Perez (Davao)
    Marina Summers (Manila)
    Minty Fresh (Quezon City)
    Precious Paula Nicole (Mandaluyong)
    Prince Marell (Manila)
    Turing (Cainta, Rizal)
    Viñas Deluxe (Manila)
    Xilhouete (Quezon City)

    1. Talent Show
    Minty Fresh
    Bottom 2: Lady Morgana Perez Vs. Prince Marell

    2. Ball (Hometown, Pinay Pop culture, Filipino handicrafts)
    Viñas Deluxe
    Bottom 2: Corazon Filipinas Vs. Turing

    3. Teleserye acting challenge
    Bottom 2: Gigi Era Vs. Lady Morgana Perez

    4. Girl groups
    Brigiding, Eva Le Queen, Marina Summers
    Bottom 2: ??? Vs. Lady Morgana Perez

    5. Pinay Divas Rusical
    Precious Paula Nicole
    Bottom 2: Brigiding Vs. Turing

    6. Snatch Game
    Bottom 2: Brigiding Vs. Minty Fresh (Double shantay)

    7. Divisoria Design Challenge
    Minty Fresh
    Bottom 2: Eva Le Queen Vs. Viñas Deluxe

    8. Pageant Improv
    Eva Le Queen
    Bottom 2: Brigiding Vs. Minty Fresh

    9. Makeover
    Marina Summers
    Bottom 2: Minty Fresh Vs. Xilhouete

    10. Finale: 'Champion' Rumix + Lip-synch smackdown
    Round 1:
    Marina Summers Vs. Xilhouete
    Round 2: Eva Le Queen Vs. Precious Paula Nicole
    Top 2: Marina Summers Vs. Precious Paula Nicole
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  5. Hmm, I don’t think so. There have been more than a few occasions where Ru has forgotten a memory, anecdote, story etc and has needed prompting, which I think is what clearly happened here. I’m firmly of the opinion that Ru, of course, knows who Jinkx is very well, but her name just eluded him in the moment.

    Nothing more, nothing less - it was a fairly amusing moment.
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  6. It looks like Canada vs The World is shaping up to be UK vs The World season 2

    It looks like the eliminations so far are:

    9th Kendall Gender (sent home by Vanity)
    8th Stephanie Prince (possibly sent home by Ra'Jah)
    7th Anita Wigl'it (possibly sent home by Ra'Jah)
    6th Icesis Couture (sent home by Rita Baga)

    Remaining queens:

    Vanity (UK)
    Victoria Scone (UK)
    Ra'Jah (US)
    Silky (US)
    Rita Baga (Canada)
  7. UK vs the World was so tragic with the exception of Monique so I think I'll probably sit this one out.
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  8. The franchise seems determined to trash Canada at every available opportunity which seems so unfair given its excellent casts and highly entertaining television they have provided over the past couple of years. UK (S2 aside...) should be taking notes.

    Rant aside, I am still here for a Ra'Jah win. The very embodiment of excellence.
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Come through Ra’Jah!!
  10. Anita getting shafted again? I hate this timeline.
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  11. Seems odd that they've skipped UK S2 completely by having only S1 on UK vs the World & S3 on Canada vs the World... Odd choices. Even weirder to have people who just participated on All Stars 6 back on the show instead of going for queens who haven't done an All Stars, or even Tatianna, Coco & Alyssa.
  12. I think this is simply because the UK2 cast have been either on tour or in UKVTW, season two was airing during the filming of it.
  13. Agreed, when the original rumour was Aja and Valentina competing from the US, I was highly perched. Not that I don't love Ra'jah and Silky, but it definitely feels too early for them to lose this (presumably) final avenue for Drag Race exposure*. What @Mushroom said about contracts could have played into it, but it feels quite short-sighted on WOW's part.

    *manifesting a Ra'jah win for All Winners II.
  14. It really is terrible. Not sure I have the stomach to watch amazing queens get screwed over again.
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  15. I wonder if a number of the Queens they tried to get were apprehensive and didn't want to do a Vs the World season after the shit show that was the first season.
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  16. Season 15 is apparently already filming and SASHA fucking COLBY seems to have been cast.

    There are rumours other queens will also appear on the season, but honestly that feels irrelevant with this information.
  17. This reads like a bigger nightmare than UKVTW...
    That said, if Vanity has really upped her game, Victoria gets to show off everything she didn't on her season, and Ra'Jah comes out with a win. Then maybe some good can be salvaged.

    About goddamn time!
  18. They need to drop 'the World' from the title if it is going to be so US/UK focused.
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  19. I'm glad to see S15 will have less NY queens.
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