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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. True, although I guess this becomes potentially less of an issue the more episodes that stack up - Jinkx may well end up being a clear 2nd placer in some challenges down the line, for instance.

    But I do very much take your point - if anything, it perhaps would've been more interesting to have the lipsync winner win the point/badge as a clear incentive, and the loser of the lipsync to be the one doing the blocking. It's still a privilege of sorts, but one that could backfire for them down the line.
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  2. I'm very interested to see how Raja misses out on both sewing challenges - specifically the ball. Trinity and Jaida are both great sewers though, so I hope she's seen as close third like she was with Snatch Game.
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  3. BTG


    The good sis @Ensnare referenced it but some of the earliest tea we got was that Jinkx ended up fucking Jaida over and then gifted her a star to make up for it. So, the only way that makes sense for me is if Jaida wins while being blocked and doesn’t get a star?

    Shea blocking Trinity will end up being irrelevant considering how many stars/wins she racks up by the end but I could definitely see some of the other girls feel some kind of way if they’re already low on the scoreboard and still get blocked. Especially if they wind up winning during their blocked week.
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  4. I believe there was some tea about Jinkx taking a part away from Jaida during a challenge and that’s why she gifted her the star, as an apology of sorts.

    I wonder if for the penultimate challenge (speculated to be the roast), the winning queens award 2 people stars instead of blocking. With the final challenge being worth 3 stars to make it anyone’s game, it doesn’t make sense for someone to essentially be blocked from the finale. Trinity is also said to give Yvie a star so my guess is she and Jinkx get a double shantay episode 10 and instead of blocking, they get an extra star that they give to Jaida & Yvie.
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  5. The producers not producing a Raja win for the ball and for any other sewing challenges doesn't make sense with my fantasy.
  6. Raja can come back on the next All Winners too. I wouldn't even mind it.
  7. Kinda underwhelming that so many winner-pairs are repeated. Shea & Monet, Jinkx & Trinity, Jaida & Trinity, etc.
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  8. Raja needs her own major tv show.
  9. Bring Bebe with her and we'll have an imperious hour of amazing television.
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  10. As much as i adore Rajah i really think a win for Silky would do her a world of good. However much of a kii her medley of lip syncs were we never truly got to see her flex that drag muscle and if her entrance look was anything to go by... we missed out on some real cunt oh yes we did!

    Also maybe Brooke can sit with the C tier girls now instead of the D tier girls. Maybe... yeah

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  11. And the Snatch Game.
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  12. I wouldn't have minded a three-person win for that exceptional Snatch Game. I do think Raja was a very close third with Jinkx way in the lead.
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  13. It could've gone to both Trinity & Raja. Raja had stronger characters, Trinity had far better jokes and Raja also had better runway but yeah. I'm not mad that Trinity won cause she deserved it but I wish Raja did. Cause how cool would it be for Raja & Jinkx to win 2nd episode.
  14. There is a fair amount a lot of conflicting information regarding details on Canada vs. The World, but here are some of the main takeaways:

    - Episode 1 is a talent show. Vanity and Ra'jah appear to be the tops, and after an 'insanely good lipsync from both', Vanity wins, sending Kendall home (Stephanie was the other bottom). Icesis also does well.

    - Episode 2 is Snatch Game. Silky wins, either with Victoria or Icesis. Stephanie and either Vanity or Rita are in the bottom, with Stephanie being eliminated (more likely by Silky than Icesis, for storyline purposes).

    - Episode 3 is the Ball. Ra'jah and Icesis are the tops, with Ra'jah winning. Bottoms are Anita, and either Silky or Vanity - Anita is eliminated. Potentially more likely Silky is in the bottom, as there is info that Ra'jah fights hard to save Silky.

    - Episode 4 is the Rusical. Rita wins, likely with Victoria (possibly Vanity, but I think Victoria makes more sense given the arc of the season and skillsets involved). Everyone else is seemingly in the bottom, and Rita makes the most controversial decision of the season by eliminating Icesis, who likely has a HIGH WIN WIN track record at that point (apparently Rita is upset in doing so, making the decision because 'Icesis did the worst in the challenge that week'). Victoria apparently does not choose Icesis, going off general track records. Ra'jah is apparently annoyed at Rita's decision.

    - Episode 5 is comedy. Rita and Victoria are the tops (seemingly the second time in a row), with Victoria winning overall and sending home Vanity after she 'bombs'. Unclear if everyone else is also in the bottom. Amusingly, it would appear that Silky prepares more of a roast than just a stand-up routine.

    - Episode 6 is the finale - details previously discussed, but Ra'jah beats Rita and Silky beats Victoria in lipsyncs, with multiple endings filmed from the top 2.

    As an additional point, Silky and Stephanie have conflict, with Stephanie seemingly coming off as 'the villain' with a 'cocky attitude' throughout. This would add strength to the events of Episode 2, and would give further support to Silky as a finalist.

    Anita's humour doesn't mesh well with Brooke.

    Ra'jah, Silky, Icesis, Victoria, and Vanity have the strongest collective bond amongst the cast.

    It would appear that the track records are something like:

    Ra'jah - 2 wins, 2 out of 3 lipsync wins, 1 or 2 bottoms.
    Silky - 1 win, either 1 or 2 out of 2 lipsync wins, 2 or 3 bottoms.
    Victoria - 2 wins, 1 out of 3 lipsync wins, 0 bottoms.
    Rita - 2 wins, 1 out of 3 lipsync wins, 1 bottom.
    Vanity - 1 win, 1 out of 1 lipsync wins, 1 - 4 bottoms (seemingly has a bit of an India Ferrah AS5 run).
    Icesis - 2 wins, either 0 or 1 out of 2 lipsync wins, 1 bottom.
    Anita - 0 wins, 1 bottom.
    Stephanie - 0 wins, 2 bottoms.
    Kendall - 0 wins, 1 bottom.

    Might not be entirely accurate, but that's the gist.
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  15. I can't help but feel like the whole 'vs. The World' brand is so redundant now. Just make the main All Stars international and have seasons with the length of All Stars 6.
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  16. I really loved Icesis on her season, so to see her getting Jimbo/Pangina’d is just… tiresome.

    (That being said, her inclusion in the show was perplexing from the off, and I’m very happy it’ll go to either Ra’jah or Silky.)
  17. Seeing an iconic lipsync from Ra'Jah and Vanity and then Ra'Jah fighting to save Silky, managing to do so and Silky making it to the Top 2 will be very satisfying.

    It also appears Stephanie doesn't come across well for most of the cast? I don't know if I just didn't pay enough attention but she seemed so harmless during Season 2...
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  18. She seemed irritating as hell to me.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Poor Kendall, but I'm very intrigued for this Vanity glow up.
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  20. Regarding tomorrow’s episode, Jaida beats Trinity on the lipsync to a Beyoncé song. I’m so used to giving etc.
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