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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I'm so happy for you, bestie!
  2. The way Jaida will be in the lead after the next episode as the only one with 3 stars....Can we just pause it there?
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  3. Not that I would've wished for a Jaida blocking, but The Vivienne getting caught up in the desire for screen time with her entanglement with Jinkx was her second misstep of the season - following suit in blocking a previous unblocked winner should've been the priority, particularly given that Jaida was already level with Jinkx in terms of stars.
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  4. So, any further tea on this lovely All Stars 7 season?
  5. In terms of wins left, we've got:

    Episode 8 - Acting challenge
    Raja and The Vivienne

    Episode 9 - Branding challenge (could be swapped order-wise with Episode 10 but they usually like to save a stand-up challenge for the end section so I'm presuming this is next)
    Jinkx and Monet

    Episode 10 - Roast
    Jinkx and Trinity

    Episode 11 - Talent show (worth three stars)
    Shea and Monet

    Monet, as the queen with most stars, is tasked with breaking the tie between Trinity and Jaida and chooses Trinity. In the final lipsync smackdown, Monet beats Trinity and Jinkx beats Shea, with the two winners progressing to a final lipsync to 'Swish Swish'.

    I can't work out how the remaining blocks shake out but I think there was tea that everybody is blocked twice so presumably Raja is blocked in either episode 9 or 10.
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  6. In addition to the above T, the eliminated winners will compete for a smaller cash prize and a separate title. No T on how that unfolds yet.
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  7. Lord, Jinkx needs to win this whole thing.
  8. PS: the 3 star award at the talent show is absolute bullshit. The ones deserving a place in the final get shifted favouring contestants with a worse overall performance (I'm fuming to see Jaida, who has been slaying it with love since day 1 won't make it thanks to a random plot twist).
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  9. We should really be having a Jinkx, Jaida, Trinity and Raja top 4
  10. From a production point of view it makes sense, otherwise there'd be queens Yvie dd with absolutely no chance of getting through, but three does seem a bit much, maybe they could've done two, that way you still give a better chance to the underdogs but without making track records mostly useless.
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  11. BTG


    It had to be 3. 3 stars is the only way they could make the talent show actually competitive for Shea, who would have 1 star going into the penultimate episode and the only way to break several ties that could possibly have happened.

    Going into the talent show:

    Jinkx 4 Stars
    Trinity 3 Stars
    Jaida 3 Stars
    Monet 2 Stars
    The Viv 2 Stars
    Raja 2 Stars
    Yvie 2 Stars
    Shea 1 Star

    Basically 3 stars needed to be up for grabs to create any stakes. They still end up with a tiebreaker regardless but at least it’s only between two queens and not several.
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  12. I truly, truly adore Shea, but there is no denying she has been in the background for this season. It would have been only fair and cool to see her winning the last challenge coupled with her second lone star and ending things on a high admitting it wasn't really her season. We can underperform sometimes and that is ok.
  13. Shea's only had 2 bad weeks (Improv & Snatch Game) and has been consistently HIGH for the last 3-4 episodes. Yeah she had slow start except first week but she's been very, very good last couple of weeks and could've won any of those challenges.
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  14. Shea has lots to be proud of here. Drag Race as a competition has always been rigged and flimsy. But the level of drag she has served this season is something to applaud and I know there's rumors about her being real bitter about not doing better... But she's given us such memorable looks especially, She's really cemented herself as one of the best winners and shouldn't take the lame twists and competition aspect to heart.
  15. I don’t think we can say that any of the queens have ‘underperformed’. They are all just that good!
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  16. An odd take considering Jaida is only eligible for the final 4 because of a twist that gave her a star for not being considered a threat by her competitors. Without any twist, Shea and Jaida would’ve had the exact same number of wins and stars.
  17. We also don't know if there's any other reason the talent show is worth 3 stars. The tea has said "there's a reason" it's worth so many and while it has been... shall we say generous about Monet, it does feel credible it could be demanding a particularly elaborate or multifaceted performance.
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  18. Shea & Monet were robbed of their wins for the girl group challenge, which would've put them at 2 stars already and then with the talent show they'd be at 3 & 4 stars, being frontrunners as they both deserve. Love Jaida more than anything, but she won the challenges she deserved AND got a hand me out from Jinkx, so it's a bit unfair to act like Shea is robbing someone of a spot she would've had anyway if things were judged fairly.
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  19. I believe they were judged quite fairly this season, surprisingly enough.
  20. Rumoured All Stars 8 cast:

    • Jessica Wild
    • Monica Beverly Hillz
    • Jaidynn Dior Fierce
    • Alexis Michelle
    • Jaymes Mansfield
    • Kameron Michaels
    • Kahanna Montrese
    • Heidi N Closet
    • Kandy Muse
    • Tatianna
    • Coco Montrese
    • Adore Delano
    • Morgan McMichaels
    • Jimbo
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