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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Not some of these girls coming back AGAIN like there aren't other queens from previous seasons who have never been on.
  2. Tatiana
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  3. 2014

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    That line-up reads fake and bad.
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  4. There's no way on earth that they're gonna have 5 people who have already done an All Stars/multiple franchises back.
  5. Yeah I think they’d be more likely to put Priyanka on an American All Stars season before they put on Jimbo (who has already had a 2nd run fairly recently).
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  6. Priyanka for the next All Winner's Season
  7. Where's Asia O'Hara?
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  8. Refuse to believe a line up that doesn't include Darienne and MKD.
  9. Jessica feels like a shoo-in, because the fans loved seeing (or in some cases, meeting ddd) her as an assassin.
    Kandy is an unfortunate guarantee for an AS season, so might as well get her on sooner.

    I think the Early Out season is still on the cards, so Jaymes, Kahanna and Monica would most likely be reserved for that.
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  10. Usually for All Stars, there is one or two queens cast that I feel like RuPaul is a big fan of them and has a desire to crown them because maybe they almost won their season, or they're just a fan favorite that Ru likes and wants to have represent the show as a winner.
    That list is kind of lacking that. I could've seen it for Adore several years ago but I don't know about now.
    Gottmik and Gigi Goode stand out to me as two I can see winning a season just based on who I think RuPaul really enjoyed.

    Also, Bring back Dida Ritz for fucks sake.
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  11. I am…underwhelmed. Also, strange that Jimbo is on there so soon after UK vs The World? I’m hoping a good few of those are completely wrong.
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  12. I can stomach that cast for the weirdly tantalizing prospect of Tatianna and Jimbo competing on the same season.
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  13. If they stick to the format of All Winners I will gladly welcome back previous All Star Queens. An entire season of Jimbo, Tatianna, Adore, and Jaymes sounds fabulous
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  14. (I'm pretty sure it's not fake considering who I've heard it from.)

    I like the cast, it reminds me a bit of All Stars 6.
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  15. Well... A season for Tatianna to win sounds great!
  16. Sadly she’s said she won’t return for any season where the queens eliminate each other.
  17. Morgan McMichaels over Dita Ritz? Seriously?
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  18. 2014

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    No offence to Kahanna but trying to pass someone who was in the bottom 2 on both their episodes as an All Star? Hm.
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  19. Jessica, Monica, Jaidynn, Alexis, Jaymes, Heidi, Tati, Coco and Jimbo are very wise choices, but Morgan and Kandy's power to ruin the season shouldn't be underestimated. Morgan had an especially sub-par run on her AS season so I don't see the logic of giving her yet another showing.

    What happened to the early-outs season? I thought Jaymes would be on that one.
  20. BTG


    Jimbo scamming a spot on US All Stars simply due to the fact that competing on UKVTW made her an official Ru Girl is iconic. Pangina for AS9!
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