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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Kahanna realising had about as much to contribute to the Season 11 reunion as the Barista across the street so trying to wring some drama out of *checks notes* Mercedes tweeting their lipsync on the night it aired was the level of desperate messiness I would need her to be serving at all times if she indeed was invited back,
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  2. I think that list is just queens who were shortlisted/contacted, no? That's what I heard anyways but I saw the info after it was already filtered through six different social media sites and 47 content farms so...
  3. Being shady doesn't make you opulent!!!
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  4. There's something about this list that I can't qwhite put my finger on...
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  5. Not with Karmon Michaels being in the middle, the Drag Race equivelent of
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Jaidynn seems a little random but then at the same time also like the typical underdog Queen that could really serve in an All Stars format? She’s likeable enough that I’d definitely be intrigued to see her again.
  7. Babies, you know that it's not going to be a complete list from A to Z of favorites and dream picks, right? They have to throw some queens up on there who are not what you would consider immediately as tough competition, just to pad out the cast list. I love to see queens from seasons from SEVERAL years ago come back to show us how they've (hopefully) elevated. I don't care if they have a chance to win or if they did terribly on their first season, It's fun to see them come back and try again.

    That said, I would actually prefer a shorter, stronger cast list and have them continue the All Winners format.
  8. Here’s a notification.
  9. I remember seeing the All Stars 6 cast list and thinking “hmm. Mess” and that ended up being one of my absolute favourite seasons in the entire franchise.

    So who the hell knows. If this ends up true, as random as it may seem, it could be brilliant. We just won’t know until it airs, really.
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  10. can't you see I'm trying to get some sun
    sun light on the skin
  11. BTG


    The way I’m getting anxiety from seeing the Reddit girls view Jaida’s place in the finale as locked in after her latest win, unaware she’s going to miss out at the last minute.
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    *ahem* We already had a girl who have been up for elimination in each of the three episodes she competed in! Four if we're counting N̶a̶o̶m̶i̶ the Rudemption Lip-Sync Smackdown!


    Kahanna could never!

    Although if its true she's on then she could tie or break miss Chacha's record!
  13. Wow the takes on this last page.

    Legends like Coco leaving episode 1 is what you have on a season with no filler. Bring on the early out flops to pad the season out a bit and if they’ve grown and improved, it’s a pleasant surprise. Quite frankly, I’d take almost any early or mid-out over having to deal with Gigi or Gottmik again.

    The All Winners format should be reserved for winners only. Very very few queens can carry a 12 episode non-elimination no critique season. Change up the format cause the lip sync assassin is tired but eliminations should be a requirement for regular All Stars. The specialness of the AW season is diminished if that’s how every All Stars season goes.
  14. Maybe we could just have the casts of AS2 back with the All Winners format. A full season of Alyssa, Katya AND Alaska?!
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  15. Just give a crown to Jaymes Mansfield in AS8 and we all gonna be fine
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  16. If I have to see Kameron Michaels complain about having muscles again I'm jumping down one of Ru's fracking wells.
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  17. They should ask another queen who was up for elimination three times, in one season, and had Michelle Williams shaking in her thigh-high boots.

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  18. Season 15 just finished filming and Sasha Colby is rumored to be top 4
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  19. I don’t think I could stomach another season of Detox.

    Although I’m ready for another iconic Roxxxy verse for the finale song.
  20. In the case, they need to bring back Pangina. She deserves to compete on a season that isn’t as cursed and as dreadful as UK Hates The World.
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