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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I like them shaking it up
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  2. AS8 has apparently started filming, and some people are sceptical that Adore is on it - we’ll likely know for sure within a few days.

    My favourite theory on why Alexis Michelle is almost a dead cert at this point is that fact that ‘she has not been on Grindr in 20 days and counting’.

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  3. Please, no Adore.
  4. 2014

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    I could cope with Adore a lot more than a lot of the other Queens suggested like (Kameron/Kandy).
  5. Alexis Michelle, Kameron Michaels, Kandy Muse and ya'll are mad about... Adore?

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  6. Iconic.
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  7. I thought Adore was utterly charming on her initial season. I'd love to see her again. With luck she's in a better place than she was during AS2.
  8. One is not like the other two, but yes Adore is not that bad as people make her out to be.
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  9. I loved when Adore used to do drag and take drag seriously. But that kind of went out the window after her season when she became a singer who just happens to be in a wig. And i've also seen some videos from I think instagram lives of her drunk or some sort of messed up that were kind of uncomfy. So I hope she's taking care of herself now and if she comes back, I hope she's there to really put her all in it and take her career as a drag queen more seriously. It's just hard to root for someone who I feel like started to do drag because it was popular, did the most monumental drag queen thing you can do and be on Drag Race... and then sort of let the drag fizzle away. If I root for her again, only for her to lose interest in drag 6 months after it airs... Eh.

    But yeah, as far as television goes... I'd rather see her on than Kandy.
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  10. Adore is an interesting character, so I don't know why there's a distaste. Ignoring how fun a narrator she was on her own season, the AS2 blip is a unique storyline in the show, and she might actually surprise us this time around. Certainly would rather that than get exactly what we expect from Kandy, Kameron etc.
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  11. I mean with Kandy and Kameron you pretty much have a first week bottom 2 sewn up.
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  12. If only, you know they’ll be sailed through to the final.
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  13. They'll put Darienne and MKD in the bottom 2 in week one and a restraining order will require to be taken out against me by the judges.
  14. A twisted part of me would love to see the awkward energy generated by these two interacting.
  15. Kameron is so fixated on winning that she won't give any of the other queens a first or second thought, let's be honest. I don't mind intensity in a competition, but it doesn't exactly make great television until the reunion when everyone else gets a chance to moan about feeling ignored. What's the point when All Stars don't have reunions?
  16. The ONLY silver lining of Kandy being an All-Star is that the other girls will have zero patience for attitude because they are all as confident as Kandy wishes she was. I hope someone puts her in her place REAL QUICK.
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  17. A list I'm seeing on twitter has Jimbo listed on there and the carnage of Jimbo unleashing herself into Kandy feels almost worth her getting a spot.
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  18. The potential cast is tightening up now to likely:

    - Alexis Michelle
    - Heidi N Closet
    - Jaymes Mansfield
    - Jessica Wild
    - Jimbo
    - Kahanna Montrese
    - Kandy Muse
    - Lala Ri
    - Monica Beverly Hills
    - Mrs Kasha Davis
    - Naysha Lopez


    - Darienne Lake
    - Lineysha Sparx

    I find it interesting that, even with the year’s break from a regular AS season, they’ve seemingly struggled in recruiting finalists back to All Stars outside of Kandy. I imagine a combination of semi-post pandemic opportunities and the more-than-ever mainstream opportunities presented to recent high-performing cast members will be impacting things, but I also question whether a few contestants are really weighing up whether the time and expense of competing (particularly now that WOW seems adamant in pulling Drag Race towards its own platform, away from Netflix and VH1 for AS) is even worth it, particularly when they have stable, paying opportunities elsewhere.
  19. I love Jimbo but I do think them coming back so soon after being on TV is a mistake.
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  20. Not many people watched UK Hates the World.
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