SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

The lipsync tomorrow is said to be THEE iconic monologue from Designing Women

Non-elims will only work for All Winner seasons. The calibre just won’t be there with other casts

I disagree. But only if they were to do it with a smaller cast of that size, and not cast any filler queens / obvious early outs. Or queens that had too previously been on the show.
They also presumably gave the All Winners cast more time to prepare and the ability to bring more suitcases of things. So. That too.
Non-elimination seasons should be rare. Even with a good cast, it significantly impacts any real potential for tension in the season, and having that time and time again just doesn't make for compelling reality television. The plunger addition was a fun thought, but it's proving to work out fairly formulaic.

Also, some of the fun in All Stars seasons comes from seeing who does/doesn't meet the measure the second time around, and seeing what cast dynamics develop because of it.
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You'd have to take a 2/3 year break from All Stars to get a season as good as AS2 again. Apart from Ginger, everyone was a star in their own way. The eliminations, whilst sometimes wrong, worked because we had a top 3 and winner people couldn't argue with.
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