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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

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  2. nn I still use this at least once a week though so, I am happy to have Ging there.

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  3. Even accounting for a wait, I’m still not even sure they’d manage. Part of the magic of AS2 was the inclusion of this brand new, genius twist, so I think they would need something similar to really give the franchise an equivalent shot in the arm. Furthermore, having a cast where so many of them had insane history together is probably never going to be achieved again - particularly now that AS just doesn’t seem to have the same potential for career-enhancing trajectory as it once did. A lot of the bigger names nowadays are actually doing pretty well without it, so whilst you might get one or two here and there over the years, some don’t seem to be keen on ever going back.

    But it’s hard to say - I’ll hold out hope!
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  4. The closest we've come since was UK2 and even that had Ellie Diamond.
  5. BTG


    I couldn’t stand A’Whora but “Sister Sister? More like Copy Copy” lives rent free in my mind.
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  6. UK2 is the best series of Drag Race ever. Everyone played their part. Brilliant unpredictable telly.
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  7. A’whora was a perfect pantomime villain and at the very least had the fashions to back it up (a Phi Phi chai). Her being stomped out of the competition right before the finale by her housemate and sabotaged by her at-the-time nemesis was also narratively flawless. You could tell that nasty bitch was seething!

    My goodness that season truly slayed!

  8. Ellie asking Ru why she didn't get the Scottish accented greeting like Lawrence made me wheeze, it has to be said.
  9. It do take nerve, it made me scream.
  10. UK2 feels like something that will never come about again. Truly life changing television.
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  11. The Covid break really adds something to that series (poor Veronica) and watching Bimini take the time to completely readjust her positioning in the contest, exterminating each challenge and runway, was fantastic. Tayce, A'Whora Vs Sister Sister (the blue mouth!), Ellie pulling up Ru during their one to one, H&M, and Lawrence in the middle of it all... I want to watch it again right now.
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  12. And let's not forget Tia being probably the most charismatic contestant on the show for years, Big Bang Bong, Rats, chip gate. All amazing stuff. I'd happily have the entire cast back for an all stars.

    I'd also love to see some more Cherry. What a diamond she was.
  13. I love Cherry - she might have the most stunning makeup of all the UK queens so far.
    Her look for the Good Ones video was a serve.

    And that cartoonish laugh of hers is so charming.
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  14. All Cherry needed to further succeed was a bit more confidence, as I think she’d only been doing drag for a short time before her season. I’m hoping now that she’s toured and received great support that she would be able to come back and excel at a further season - it was such a shame that she ended up crossing paths in the bottom two with one of the best performers the show has ever seen in any season of any franchise.
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  15. I really don't understand the Adore hate here. One of the most charismatic queens to ever be on the show and galvanised a younger generation. She's a pretty good singer and having been to one of her shows, she's great with fans and looked really polished.

    I for one would love to see her back on there, especially now that she's sober.
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  16. I don't think there is though? Maybe one or two posters, but she's still moderately popular.
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  17. She got through her season on her Charisma for the most part. The first two challenges she was in that's all that saved her from the bottom.

    And her getting the younger fans involved is quite a divisive thing. Many people see that as a turning point on the show where queens were sent hate for being shady and particularly queens who aren't white got the short end from this.

    She's also been quite entitled on social media unable to take a slight hint of critique. I can't remember what it was but she's gone off on lives because fellow queens haven't been completely positive about her.

    Like if she came back and genuinely slayed the competition people would give her the time of day. But if she is hand held through to the final again people will be within their right to be put out.
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  18. Adore is already a fully formed drag celebrity with success. I can’t imagine she’d be stepping out of her box too much in the competition and doing new things. And I think that would be a point the judges pick up on.
  19. I don't think it's hate like many other queens received before, but more of a disdain? And it's probably because of the 'I'm so punk and rock'n'roll and different and messy and hardcore' era that wasn't really backed up by her music and art, but by being rude, unprofessional and just plain immature. I hope she's in a better place now.
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  20. Apparently the next lip sync songs are:

    Ava Max - Kings and Queens
    Kylie Minogue - Supernova

    (Lip Sync for the Crown)
    (First Round) A P!nk song (Raise Your Glass potentially)
    (First Round)Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
    (Finale, Jinkx vs Monet) Katy Perry - Swish Swish
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