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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Thank God for Marry The Night.
  2. I love Supernova but Drag Race has already committed a number of hate crimes with their Kylie lip syncs.
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  3. Didn’t we just have Supernova on UKVTW?
  4. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Ru knows no one stuck around for the finale.
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  5. I don't think Ru knows that Kylie had albums before 2014.
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  6. I still think of Bimini’s stoned look.
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  7. Swish Swish remains such a weird choice for a finale lip sync of an all winners season.
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  8. Swish Swish is an interesting choice because any sort of pop song like it seems to favor Monet. But Jinkx can make that so funny that I can see it going to her. For the first time in awhile i'm actually not really sure which way it'll go.
    Except the season has seemed to be Jinkx's to lose so she'll probably take it.
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  9. There needs to be some extremely heavy lifting in the final 2 weeks for Monet to be perceived as a viable winner.
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  10. I mean, Monet's track record in the back half of the season is:

    Girl Groups: High (probably 3rd place, realistically)
    Sewing: High
    Acting: Safe
    Branding: Win
    Roast: High (I'm really curious to see how Trinity is Top 2 over Monet)
    Variety Show: Win
    Finale: Top 2

    They've really screwed up the editing, Monet has the best (by far) track record in the back half of the season but they haven't given her that edit.
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  11. Trinity bombed both of her previous roasts, so I wonder if it'll be storyline purposes.
  12. Trinity’s roasts are iconic.
  13. Fans are now speculating that Plastique has joined this cast and the season will have a Fan Favourite Vs. Early Out theme.
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  14. This feels a bit revisionist. Adore's time on the show was the natural progression of where the show was headed. Just as Tyra led to Raja, and Raja led to Sharon, and Sharon led to Jinkx, etc. The franchise's turn away from 'traditional' pageantry to other styles of drag was always going to lead to a queen from social media.

    Adore was basically the proto-type of Aquaria. Someone who got into drag from wanting to be on the show, the first queen to really understand engagement and branding, etc. Alaska *maybe* usurped her a bit with the latter, but part of Adore's online antics in applying for the S5 fan vote and increasing her profile for S6 showed that.

    I think a lot of what Adore brought to the show gets lost due to the fact that so many who would come later would then improve and build on it, but she was largely into uncharted territory. Even if you try to reduce her down to a performer and musician, there's really no other drag music that compares nearly 10 years later:

  15. Which one of these is Plastique?

    Wonder if they will actually go full with the theme and have, in the first couple of weeks, the girls as teams?
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  16. After Party is the best drag album and the title track is nothing short of a 20/10. True.
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  17. I can’t figure out which half of these queens are meant to fit into? Alexis isn’t an early out but is she really a fan favourite? Lala Ri and Jaymes Mansfield are both!
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  18. Yes.
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  19. Let's ask the audience.

  20. Scream! Okay Alexis hive, rise up!
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