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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. T/W gross

    Remember these?




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  2. Potential WIN order based off T-Checker.

    EP 1: WIN: Kahanna LSA: Aja - Wins
    EP 2: WIN: Kandy ($20k) LSA: ? - Loses
    EP 3: WIN: Jimbo LSA: Symone? - Wins
    EP 4: WIN: Jaymes LSA: Plastique? - Wins
    EP 5: WIN: Jimbo LSA: Jorgeous - Wins
    EP 6: WIN: Lala ($40k) LSA: Jasmine - Loses
    EP 7: WIN: Lala ($10k) LSA: Angeria - Loses
    EP 8: WIN: Alexis ($10k) LSA: ? - Loses
    EP 9: Jessica (& Jaymes?) Return
    EP 10: WIN: Jessica (0/$10k) LSA: ? - Win/Loss
    EP 11: WIN: Kandy ($10k/20k) LSA: Camden - Loses
    EP 12: Finale
  3. Rather than fret about how bad AS8 is going to be, I've decided to stream the hit single "Round And Round" by future Drag Race season 15 winner Luxx Noir London

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  5. I prefer the fake T that had MKD winning the box wine commercial so will not be watching and just imagining that in my head instead.
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  6. Kandy was just an unpleasant villain and not in a way that we could find any joy watching like Ra'jah O'Hara (Who I stanned) in S11 or many others. It was just sour, misguided arrogance and in a really dull way. Her, Rose and Tina on the same season was...torture.
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  7. This isn't meant to be a comment on Kandy whatsoever, but it's worth noting that I suspect a huge element of the reduced following of S14 contestants comes from it being considerably more restricted viewing internationally than all seasons prior, and not a true reflection on how those who actually watched perceive them. Anecdotally, I know quite a few moderate Drag Race fans here in the UK that haven't watched S14 because it's not on Netflix - a huge shame, as if there's a modern cast that deserves huge fan support, it would really be S14!

    There's also perhaps an element of the continued explosion of international franchises within the past year contributing to IG following fatigue?
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  8. Yeah I watched The Pit Stop instead of paying to watch Season 14. Not sorry!
  9. It won’t let me embed, but Heidi has a recent post on her IG that jokingly refers to Jimbo as a ‘pain in the ass’ hmMMM.
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  10. Can someone a bit more versed in the reddits kindly explain what the fweck is going on with the spoiler sub, the best I can make out is that the tea-spillers are currently all gay-scream fleeing from some size 42 kitten-heel wearing baby-seal clubbing heterosexual Trunchbull creature.

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  11. Can you kindly explain what this post means?
  12. Exactly what it said! The people who used to supply everyone with spoilers on reddit (on /r/SpoiledDragRace) got fed up with something and went off and made a new one, allegedly due to being fed up with someone who is only described as wearing 42 inch kitten heels, being pro-seal murder and generally being a menace on every drag-related sub there is, it's all very vague and bizarre.
  13. Is it Trinity's Second Account?
  14. New AS8 tea has come out

    1. Kahanna vs LaLa (Top 2, no elimination)
    2. Kahanna vs Aja (Monica Beverly Hillz eliminated)
    3. Kandy vs Detox (Naysha Lopez eliminated)
    4. Jimbo vs Symone (Darienne Lake eliminated)
    5. Jaymes vs Plastique Tiara (Mrs. Kasha Davis eliminated)
    6. Jimbo vs Jorgeous (Heidi quits, spares Kahanna from elimination)
    7. LaLa vs Jasmine Kennedie (Jessica Wild eliminated)
    8. LaLa vs Angeria (Kahanna Montrese eliminated)
    9. Jimbo vs Pangina Heals (Jaymes Mansfield eliminated)
    10. Comeback Ball: Jessica & Jaymes return
    11. Alexis vs Jessica vs Jan (Jaymes Mansfield eliminated again)
    12. Kandy vs Lady Camden (Jessica Wild eliminated again)
    13. LaLa vs Bob the Drag Queen (Alexis Michelle eliminated)
    14. Jimbo, Kandy Muse, LaLa Ri Top 3

    Jimbo wins 3 challenges but loses every lipsync ($0)
    Kandy wins 2 challenges + 2 lipsyncs ($50k)
    LaLa wins 3 challenges + 3 lipsyncs ($60k)

    Is said to be very alliance heavy
    Heidi quits over the snatch game results, apparently deserved to win
    Several queens said to have threatened to quit over Jimbo favoritism.

    Kahanna vs Aja is Freakum Dress
    Jimbo vs Symone is Put Your Hands Up If You Feel Love
    Jimbo vs Jorgeous is Levitating
    LaLa vs Jasmine is When Love Takes Over
    LaLa vs Bob is Slave to the Rhythm
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  15. JAN? A lipsync assassin? Let's get Jackie Cox while we're at it.

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  16. Vile. This Tea has Darienne and Kasha eliminated back to back just before Snatch Game.

    There's still some conflicting stuff going round in the details (other T has Jimbo lip syncing against Kandy Ho to coconuts...), but the general elimination order seems consistent. It will be odd to see a very strategic focused season when previously all that talk has never really followed through to voting, and as much as messy drama is welcome it sounds like a lot of Queens are going to go when it wasn't really 'their time'.

    Also: "Kasha's fruit runway is a gay pride themed outfit. Michelle hates it."

    Of course she does...
  17. BTG



    It’s like fan fic. I can’t wait.
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  18. Jan, Plastique, Angeria, and Bob, lip sync assassins??? Literally it's just whoever they could get who was in LA that day.

    Skeptical on Pangina coming back as a LSA, didn't she have visa issues and had to cancel a bunch of gigs because of it?
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  19. This...this is the worst timeline.
  20. Bops on Bops
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