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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I don't mind Jimbo, it's a bit refreshing to have a queen that manages to be likeable in some ways and also very very very messy in a very "early drag race" kind of way, having said that it is a bit of a shame that a lot of queens that had provided drama, shadiness and delusions in the most recent seasons are so reviled by the fanbase, see Daya Betty, Alexis Michelle, Rajah during season 11, Darienne Lake, etc.

    I do hope the earlier rumours of Jaymes snagging two wins and Kasha one are the real ones, also what a shame to see Darienne Lake getting the boot that early!
  2. The prospect of having to go through a full season of Kandy Muse in order to see LaLa get her deserved roses...


    This is how I see it. I find her an entertaining cast member on the show but recognize she has been called out for being rude and out of touch several times by several different queens.
  3. Personally I love the weird uncomfortable energy Jimbo brings to the show. It's Tammie Brown adjacent but feels more nefarious? Like she would have actually murdered Rita for her spot in the Canada finale if she could get away with it.

    This image haunts me nearly as much as the Valentina mask

  4. Did you get the T in Koont??
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Honestly would be gutted for Heidi if the tea is really true. I like jimbo but its clear with how much shes shoehorned into every international season since her own that the producers want her to be a staple “drag race character” no matter what the cost.

    Her cold and alloof attitude isn't going to come across as sympathetic in that situation either, I fear.
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  7. Jimbo has a new show coming up on WOW so I am guessing the producers will be pushing that.
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  8. Uno


    I'm just so genuinely excited to see Jaymes again. Knowing she does well and makes Top 5 is a very much needed bright spot in what seems like an already cursed season.
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  9. There’s such a dark energy to the Vs World franchise. I love the idea of an international competition but I wish they would move away from the patriotism of the competition.

    I’m sure Nigel Farage enjoyed UK Vs The World.
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  10. Honestly, if they’re planning on making them an annual thing, they should give it to VH1 or Paramount, and film it in the US where the budget is higher. That way, they could take a few episodes away from either the main seasons or All Stars seasons to hit the number of commissioned episodes they demand, giving shorter, punchier seasons that have better momentum.

    Call it ‘International All Stars’, have Ru judge, and dial down the REPRESENTING YOUR COUNTRY stance.

  11. This thread is very sad to see, particularly given we know rough details of what happens with Heidi in AS8. Her comments about being a ‘happy go lucky’ person really resonated with me - it’s far too often the case that people like Heidi, who are usually bubbly and more extrovert-leaning, are overlooked when it comes to support. I hope she can get the rest and recovery she needs.

    Given that she appears to have been cordial with Jimbo since filming completed, and with the above information, I get the sense that there is definitely more to her self-elimination than a sense of indignance.
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  12. Heidi has been posting social media videos with Jimbo and they seem to be good friends though? So that gossip is confusing.
  13. I mean, I don’t think the two things are necessarily mutually exclusive. Heidi can think Jimbo was being favoured by production but still like her as a person, which is what I was referring to above - I think there will be a bit more to the self-elimination than just ‘I’m indignant that Jimbo is getting preferential treatment’.
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  14. I guess we will find out but Heidi has posted about her recent mental health struggles so it is probably more to do with that?

    I love her podcast with Jaida. It's a little messy but fun.
  15. Yes, that’s exactly what I was saying above when I posted the thread about Heidi talking about her mental health.
  16. Since we're about to head into the next wave of Drag Race, time for a quick update
    Canada: Icesis Couture, Kendall Gender, Rita Baga, Stephanie Prince
    Down Under: Anita Wigl'it
    UK: Vanity Milan, Victoria Scone
    US: Ra'Jah O'Hara, Silky Nutmeg Ganache

    Episode 1: Talent Show
    Top 2: Ra'Jah O'Hara, Vanity Milan
    Winner: Vanity Milan
    Bottom 2: Kendall Gender, Stephanie Prince
    Eliminated: Kendall Gender

    Episode 2: Snatch Game.
    Top 2: Icesis Couture, Silky Nutmeg Ganache
    Winner: Icesis Couture
    Bottom 2: Stephanie Prince, Vanity Milan
    Eliminated: Stephanie Prince

    Episode 3: Ball challenge.
    Top 2: Icesis Couture, Ra'jah O'Hara
    Winner: Icesis Couture
    Bottom 2: Anita Wigl'it, Silky Nutmeg Ganache
    Eliminated: Anita Wigl'it

    Episode 4: Rusical.
    Top 2: Rita Baga, Victoria Scone
    Winner: Rita Baga
    Bottom 2: Icesis Couture, Vanity Milan
    Eliminated: Icesis allegedly quits during Untucked
    Rita had Icesis' lipstick because she did the worst in the challenge, but Victoria was basing her decision on track records and had Vanity's.

    Episode 5: Comedy.
    Top 2: Rita Baga, Victoria Scone
    Winner: Victoria Scone
    Bottom: "If you're not in the top..." etc.
    Eliminated: Vanity Milan

    Episode 6: Finale lip-synch battle
    Round one: Ra'Jah Vs. Rita - Ra'Jah wins
    Round two: Silky Vs. Victoria - Silky wins
    Round three: Ra'Jah Vs. Silky

    Ra'Jah O'Hara - 2 wins, 1 bottom.
    Silky Nutmeg Ganache - 1 win, 2 bottoms.
    Amethyst (Connecticut)
    Anetra (Las Vegas)
    Aura Mayari (Nashville)
    Irene "The Alien" DuBois (Seattle)
    Jax (New York)
    Loosey LaDuca (Connecticut)
    Luxx Noir London (New Jersey)
    Malaysia Babydoll Foxx (Florida)
    Marcia Marcia Marcia (New York)
    Mistress Isabelle Brooks (Texas)
    Princess Poppy (San Francisco)
    Robin Fierce (Connecticut)
    Salina Estitties (L.A.)
    Sasha Colby (L.A.)
    Spice (L.A.)
    Sugar (L.A.)

    Episode 1 + 2: Talent show / Rumix (Possible 2 hour premiere)
    Guest Judge: Ariana Grande
    Runway: Signature drag
    Winner: Anetra
    Bottom 2: Amethyst & Irene DuBois
    Lipsynch: Ariana Grande - 7 Rings
    Eliminated: Irene "The Alien" DuBois

    Episode 3: Acting
    Winner: Sasha Colby
    Bottom 2: Amethyst & Princess Poppy
    Lipsynch: Britney Spears - Circus
    Eliminated: Princess Poppy

    Episode 4: Snatch Game
    Winner: Loosey LaDuca
    Bottom 2: Sugar & Spice
    Eliminated: Sugar

    Episode 5: Design
    Winner: Spice
    Bottom 2: Anetra & Amethyst
    Eliminated: Amethyst

    Episode 6: Girl Groups (6 aside)
    Winner: Aura Mayari
    Bottom 2: Jax & Robin Fierce
    Eliminated: Robin Fierce

    Episode 7: Improv
    Winner: Luxx Noir London
    Bottom 2: Aura Mayari & Jax
    Eliminated: Aura Mayari

    Episode 8: Unknown challenge
    Winner: Sasha Colby & Anetra
    Eliminated: None

    Episode 9: Lipsynch lalapalooza
    Round 1 (Winners in bold):
    Mistress Vs. Salina
    Marcia Vs. Spice
    Luxx Vs. Malaysia
    Vs. Anetra
    Jax Vs. Loosey
    Round 2: Winners face-off
    Mistress Vs. Spice
    Anetra Vs. Malaysia
    Loosey Vs. Sasha
    Round 3: Losers face-off
    Jax Vs. Salina
    Vs. Marcia
    Round 4: Final round
    Anetra Vs. Mistress Vs. Sasha

    Winner: Sasha Colby
    Bottom 2: Jax & Marcia Marcia Marcia
    Eliminated: Jax

    Episode 10: Challenge unknown
    Winner: ???
    Bottom 2: ??? & Spice
    Eliminated: Spice

    Episode 11: 15th Anniversary Ball
    Winner: ???
    Bottom 2:??? & Malaysia Babydoll Foxx
    Eliminated: Malaysia Babydoll Foxx

    Episode 12: Rusical
    Runway: Night of 1000 Beyonce's
    Winner: Luxx Noir London
    Bottom 2: Loosey LaDuca & Marcia Marcia Marcia
    Eliminated: Marcia Marcia Marcia

    Episode 13: Challenge Unknown
    Winner: ???
    Bottom 2: ??? & Salina Estitties
    Eliminated: Salina Estitties

    Episode 14: Makeover
    Winner: Anetra
    Bottom 2: Loosey LaDuca & Luxx London Noir
    Eliminated: Loosey LaDuca

    Episode 15: Rumix
    Anetra & Mistress Isabelle Brooks are the bottom 2 and both have filmed all possible outcomes.
    Luxx & Sasha are confirmed finalists

    Anetra: 3 wins, possibly 2 bottoms
    Luxx London Noir: 2 wins, at least 1 bottom
    Mistress Isabelle Brooks: 2 wins, at least 1 bottom
    Sasha Colby: 4 wins, 0 bottoms
    Alexis Michelle
    Darienne Lake
    Heidi N Closet
    Jaymes Mansfield
    Jessica Wild
    Kahanna Montrese
    Kandy Muse
    Lala Ri
    Monica Beverly Hillz
    Mrs Kasha Davis
    Naysha Lopez

    Episode 1: Girl Groups
    Top All-Stars: Kahanna Montrese & Lala Ri
    Winner: Kahanna Montrese

    Episode 2: Talent Show
    Top All-Star: Kahanna Montrese
    LSA: Aja (Beyonce - Freakum Dress)
    Bottom 2: Darienne Lake & Monica Beverly Hillz
    Winner: Aja
    Eliminated: Monica Beverly Hillz

    Episode 3: Design
    Top All-Star: Kandy Muse
    LSA: Detox
    Bottom 2: Darienne Lake & Naysha Lopez
    Winner: Kandy Muse
    Eliminated: Naysha Lopez

    Episode 4: Branding
    Top All-Star: Jimbo
    LSA: Symone
    Bottom 2: Darienne Lake & Kahanna Montrese
    Winner: Symone
    Eliminated: Darienne Lake

    Episode 5:
    Top All-Star: Jaymes Mansfield
    LSA: Plastique Tiara
    Bottom 3: Kahanna Monstrese, ???, Mrs Kasha Davis
    Winner: Plastique Tiara
    Eliminated: Mrs Kasha Davis

    Episode 6: Snatch Game
    Top All-Star: Jimbo
    LSA: Jorgeous
    Bottom 2: Kahanna & ???
    Winner: Jorgeous
    Eliminated: None
    Quits: Heidi N Closet, after noticing producer favoritism towards Jimbo

    Episode 7: Dancing
    Top All-Star: Lala Ri
    LSA: Jasmine Kennedie
    Bottom 2: Alexis Michelle & Jessica Wild
    Winner: Lala Ri
    Eliminated: Jessica Wild

    Episode 8:
    Top All-Star: Lala Ri
    LSA: Angeria Paris VanMichaels
    Bottom 2: ??? & Kahanna Montrese
    Winner: Lala Ri
    Eliminated: Kahanna Montrese

    Episode 9:
    Top All-Star: Jimbo
    LSA: Pangina Heals
    Bottom 2: Jaymes Mansfield & Kandy Muse
    Winner: Pangina Heals
    Eliminated: Jaymes Mansfield

    Episode 10: Comeback Ball
    Heidi does not attend
    Winners: Jaymes Mansfield & Jessica Wild

    Episode 11:
    Top All-Stars: Alexis Michelle & Jessica Wild
    LSA: Jan
    Bottom 4: Jaymes Mansfield, Jimbo, Kandy Muse, Lala Ri
    Winner: Jan
    Eliminated: Jaymes Mansfield

    Episode 12:
    Top All-Star: Kandy Muse
    LSA: Lady Camden
    Bottom 4: Alexis Michelle, Jessica Wild, Jimbo, Lala Ri
    Winner: Kandy Muse
    Eliminated: Jessica Wild

    Episode 13:
    Top All-Star: Lala Ri
    LSA: Bob The Drag Queen
    Bottom 2: Alexis Michelle, Jimbo, Kandy Muse
    Winner: Bob & Lala
    Eliminated: Alexis Michelle

    Episode 14: Finale
    Jimbo: 3 wins, 3 known bottoms
    Kandy Muse: 2 wins, 3 known bottoms
    Lala Ri: 4 wins, 2 known bottoms
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  17. BTG


    Lala slaying like that is wild to me and I’m thrilled for her. Gutted for Darienne.
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  18. AS8 is 14 episodes? Why
  19. Because apparently we need 30 episodes of Kandy Muse.
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  20. Jan a LIP SYNC ASSASSIN?!?!

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