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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I am watching this for Jimbo.
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  2. I will be watching none of these seasons unless they turn out to be worth my time.
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  3. 13 episodes of Alexis Messchelle… I’m sat
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  4. There are some great queens in these casts (Heidi, Alexis, MKD, Luxx, Sasha especially) but I just don't like how American drag race is being produced nowadays...who wants to watch 14-16 episodes - half of which are poorly constructed challenges - with poor judging and Ross Matthews?

    I've been watching España lately and it's a depressing reminder of how anaemic the US version has become. 10 episodes, great queens, excellent runways, thoughtful challenges, engaged hosts and judges...
  5. BTG


    The judging panel desperately needs a shake-up. The season where Nicole, Ts, Loni and zaddy Jamal rotated was much more entertaining, but wasted on the dumpster fire that was S13.
  6. MKD being eliminated the episode before snatch game is an absolute no from me.
  7. This All Stars Cast list seems VERY interesting. Confused why Jimbo is there though.
  8. Jaymes making it so far just makes me so fucking happy.

    A Jimbo/Colby or Willow Pill reign just lines up so damn well. So, so happy to see Jimbo up there. I love how much Ru loves her.
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  9. Yeah, of course you would be.
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  10. Alexis Michelle leaving right before the finale... again...

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  11. She also doesn't win once so...
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  12. Completely agree with the episode length. Blame WOW Presents Plus for that.
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  13. She apparently gets one win near the end. Did y'all get the 'd' on 'end'?
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  14. I haven't watched the seasons that they're on, so, yeah. It's just a really rare occasion that US All Stars gets someone international, especially now that Vs The World exists. Ru must really like her, i'd guess is the reason?
  15. I love that Jimbo has worked her way on to an actual AllStars series. It’s absolutely what she deserves.

    It gives me hope that Pangina and Lemon can come back for a proper run.
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  16. BTG


    Yeah, I assumed that Vs The World is basically a loophole. They’re essentially Ru girls now.
  17. 7/9 All Stars winners being white queens would be horrific yet not at all surprising from WoW especially after how they just treated Monet. Will be rooting against Jimbo every step of the way.

    Calling on Lord Bitch to do what needs to be done

  18. they won't bring pan pan back because she'd win every episode
  19. They really should trim down the episodes count a bit, 10-12 episodes should be the max.

    The main seasons 34 episodes with double shantays, no elimination episodes, lipsynch battles... enough.

    I am curious about All Stars 8, it could go either way, All Stars 6 on paper sounded like an absolute mess, yet most of the queens were so enjoyable to watch and the chemistry between them was actually great.

    Plus Eureka and Silky managed to be actually nice and enjoyable to watch, so I am not ruling out Kandy Muse being more enjoyable this time.
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  20. Do we have a roadmap of S15 tea? I feel like I've been out of the loop this cycle.
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