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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. I already told y'all I didn't apply ddd. Honestly I would be embarrassingly out of my depth, I'd never have got on.
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  3. Maybe she just went home first...
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  4. Rude.
  5. Somebody has to. Hollydunnporkchopped
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  6. Not when I've already explained that I'm not talented enough to be cast in the first place, let alone be eliminated first.
  7. I’m almost certain that at least 4 of these aren’t on.
  8. Seeing as I use a name that's connected to me in real life I can't comment on anything.

    (Plus I only know one person who's likely to be on based on the names that have been floating around)
  9. Scotland's Drag scene found rotting!

    As it should be ddddddd
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  10. Ha! I'd love to eventually see Dharma Gheddon on, but you just know we'll get Vanity Von Glow and bloody well like it.
  11. You know I know Vanity so I'm not gonna say nothing. I'm pals with Georgia Tasda and she disappeared for a wee bit to London and so we were all shaking slightly until we realised she was legit doing a course.
  12. I'm 99% certain Myra DuBois isn't doing this.
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  13. As much as I like Divina DeCampo (she used to host the weekly drag shows at AXM in Glasgow), she seems too obvious a choice for this. She’s already a BBC face (The Voice UK, All Together Now) and I fear that if she’s cast, she will have favouritism claims thrown her way because of her existing BBC ties.
  14. They were apparently filming at G-A-Y Bar today (which debunks the ridiculous Blackpool T)

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  15. She has a show at the RVT on Sunday so I don't think so either.
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  16. God that bar is a fucking dive
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  17. Not sure if that's out there already but I have a friend at BBC who said that this is scheduled to start in September.
  18. Is that enough time for them to edit in shady rattlesnake noises under every sentence?
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  19. Took my straight friend there for a quick drink and as it was his first gay bar his first sentence was “I thought Gays are meant to have good interior design taste” I was so embarrassed for our community.
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