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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Oh no
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  2. Nn I don’t even want to watch now
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  3. ...Fucking hell.
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  4. I'm so distracted by it now...
  5. Honestly, this is just going to put more hate in Lawrence’s direction. The mess that’s going to ensue.
  6. I mean at least we get Bimini on All Stars I guess.
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  7. Nah this is a disaster
  8. I think they were aiming to shock but... it's only season 2 and this is definitely not the move they think it is.
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  9. What are some of these reactions? You' d swear Ellie won....
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  10. BTG


    This aged terribly.

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  11. They fully dropped the ball at the last hurdle huh
  12. They gave Lawrence that edit in the Stand-Up episode...
    Then had him win!

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  13. Did they air the wrong episode ending?
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  14. The way this genuinely has crossed my mind.
  15. Yes like Alaska? The winner does not have to be Miss congeniality.
  16. This is... a disaster. Lawrence's edit in the second half is the complete opposite of what you want to do with someone you're setting up to crown.
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  17. Haha Alaska actually won a challenge in the second half of the season...
  18. I... do not understand how this happened.
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  19. I keep refreshing, hoping they'll upload the correct episode.
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  20. I don't even want to watch the finale now and spoil what was a perfect season with a perfect lead up to the perfect winner. HOW can you justify Lawrence winning this after Bimini has SLAUGHTERED every episode bar the first?
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