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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. The only thing close to an explanation for this is that they are pulling this BS to milk Bimini for an All Stars. If I was them I just wouldn't return.
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  2. Uno


    Wait, y'all are joking right?
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  3. True but I still think the last two weeks you could have made a case for either Lawrence or Bimini winning the challenge.

    Also I think Lawrence had the best final look? The color, the fit, the bitch knows how to fit for her size. And I liked the idea of the badges, Someone in another thread said it was tacky but I liked the idea

    Tayce's final look I thought looked a bit like the rat costumes from the Ruscial. Ellie was nice but looked like what she wore last week with the hoop. And Bimini was a bit plain for her.
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  4. What are the chances production found out about leak earlier in the week and swapped winners to spite everyone nn
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  5. BTG


    I’d put nothing past WOW but not in a million years with the BBC involvement.
  6. Bisch, you’ve ruined my year.
  7. Did they upload the wrong ending?
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  8. What if this explains the dodgy/unfinished challenge audio.... I....

    I support a Lawrence win regardless, but... hmm
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  9. Why are they like this [​IMG]
  10. Someone in the know needs to spill, did they pull the episode with a Bimini win?
    I can't say I'm that surprised though since Ru defended Lawrence constantly when they performed poorly and singlehandedly decided to save them from lip-synching at least twice
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  11. It wouldn't breach any protocols though. There's no rules to say they can't decide to change their mind at the last minute, surely?
  12. R92


    God, the way these story producers had Bottom 2 in the first episode to winning 4 out of 5 challenges in the back half and fumbled it... ugh.
  13. But does Lawrence winning not just disprove this notion of story producers having all the control and the idea of the "winners edit" ?
  14. Like Ru says, the final decision is hers... but that doesn't stop the day to day producers who see all of the daily interactions from building an overall narrative.

    It was a conclusion that would've made sense if Lawrence's performance had continued upon return, but it didn't, which is something the producers clearly wanted us to see based on how emphasized it was. Ultimately Ru didn't care
  15. My lawyers are coming for you.
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  16. So, Season Three T is starting to emerge;
    @Felp has mentioned the first 4 names to be out, and while the order is unclear; the consensus seems to be that Choriza will send Veronica home in the first episode.
  17. Ouch... Wasn't expecting that for her.
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  18. Brutal but iconic
  19. That must be devastating. After seeing her struggle with her mental health and Covid in the behind the scenes break, I really hope she doesn't take it too badly.
  20. Yeah, it's all a bit up in the air at the moment. There are a few reports Anubis goes first too, so I guess we'll see how things settle over the coming weeks.

    Very tentative early swirlings that Krystal, Ella, and Kitty (yesss) go far - possibly finalists, but unclear yet.
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