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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

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    Surely Ru wouldn't be callous enough to see Veronica go first - I can't see that being real.
  2. I think when it comes to Veronica, she already done had herses. I did like her the first half, but when I barely noticed she had gone the second half, what’s the point of wasting a space on her? And that final runway was unforgivable.
  3. I highkey thought Veronica should’ve been in the bottom for the week she had to compete against Tia so her going home first gets S3 off to a good start for me ddd.
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  4. Ru would totally be that callous!
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  5. Looks like we're nearing a full list of elimination T, only order people don't seem to be sure of is places 6 - 4.

    12: Anubis
    11: Veronica; something of a full circle moment - won the rusical in season 2, goes home in the rusical this season.
    10: Elektra; has a rather meh run.
    9: Victoria; Leaves for medical reasons and will probably be invited back for season 4.
    8: Scarlett
    7: River; lipsynchs three times, including a double shantay with Vanity.
    6 - 4: Choriza
    6 - 4: Charity; brings the lewks of the season and has a good track record up until her elimination. Likely to become fan favourite.
    6 - 4: Vanity

    Top 3:
    Kitty Scott-Claus; has a rocky start to the competition, but finds her footing halfway through.
    Ella Vaday
    Krystal Versace; the speculated favourite to win
  6. Wait, CHORIZA MAY IS IN S3?????
  7. She is, and will apparently be sending Veronica packing.
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  8. Sam


    and apparently is gonna crumble under the pressure nn all the queens I know round here aren’t v fond
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  9. Hoping this narrative actually lands the win on S3!
  10. When you go to a queen's Instagram and it's 90% photos of them as male presenting...

    This is all Skameron Michael's fault.

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  11. Honestly... I just stan because she took one of the most important characters of Spanish TV and made it drag

    I haven't followed much of her, but sending Veronica home? lol winner!
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  12. Did I find Veronica perfect capable by the end of her S2 run? Yes.

    Am I ready to give into mob mentality and suddenly relish her disastrous S3 run? Also yes.
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  13. Intrigued by the Veronica T.

    Wonder if she is cocky and messes up the Rusical. Or someone sees her as a threat and gives her an awful part
  14. Word is she has a spat over the role she wanted (I think with Ella), and I'm guessing she gets in her head about it.
  15. It's still hard to imagine Veronica genuinely being bottom 2 in a Rusical at a point in the season where there are still so many queens left, many of whom will barely even be able to sing.

    My guess is that she isn't actually amongst the worst 2 performers but she underperforms relative to what you'd expect and the producers can't resist the narrative of putting her in the bottom 2 for a challenge she won last time.
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  16. Apparently Anubis is beaten by Elektra to a Little Mix song in the first episode.

    Praying they serve us a better lipsync than what The Vivienne/Crystal did to Power.
  17. The person who seems to have been the most reliable so far (was the first to have the full season 3 cast), as well as someone else reliable have now spilled what the top three remix is and...

    Season 3 is honestly going be the most iconic or messiest thing possible ddd
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  18. It was so bold of Ru to take the opportunity to show that she would be eliminated first on her own show.
  19. I get she’s in her 60s, but she’s always been such a bad performer lol. That could’ve been fine if she put some effort in. Didn’t even learn the words?!
  20. There's a new elimination order floating about:
    12. Anubis
    11. Victoria (Apparently doesn't come into the workroom for episode 2's challenge)
    10. Elektra
    9. Veronica
    8. Charity (Apparently shares a double shantay with Scarlett in episode 4, but then leaves the following episode, which I'm fuming about.)
    7/6. River & Choriza in a double elimination
    5. Scarlett
    4. Vanity

    Kitty, Krystal and Ella are still top 3
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