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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Sadly, it's the norm and the contracts we're on in TV you're expected to "opt out" of your weekly maximum hrs. They try to limit to 12hr days but on shoots like this 16-18hr days are normal so it's entirely possible.
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  2. Too bad there's not a reunion for UK so we can't see them struggling to remember the queens they only met for a day or two.
  3. BTG


    According to the T guys on Reddit, two episodes of UK3 were one day shoots, and one of them was a roast challenge at Top 4.

    So I’m fully expecting Ru to be utterly joyless that episode and unnecessarily drag someone like he did to Tayce ddd.
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  4. Also, aren't the queens told this is how long you'll be away for? If they knew before they left how many days they would be away vs how many days they would be filming then would they not be able to see beforehand that filming would last for each ep? I don't see how you could be surprised at how quick filming is, when you know beforehand ?
  5. Willam does have a tendency to exaggerate things, especially when it comes to drag race. As said above, there’s talk that two episodes were rushed but I’m sure every single episode wasn’t filmed in one day each. The BBC has many policies in place and wouldn’t allow that.
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  6. The scheduling around shooting a whole episode like this in a day is wild to me. They'd film the workroom opening with Ru coming in (After him sitting in a makeup chair for Out-of-drag touch ups) for the mini challenge assuming there is one, then queens working on their stuff, Then Ru would leave to get into drag for 4 hours while the queens would like... go to the main stage for Michelle to tell them their jokes suck. Then they'd all get into drag while Michelle also changed. Then they'd do the roast. Get into a separate drag look for the runway. Then hours of critiques, backstage Untucked-style segment, lipsync.
    That is so much stuff. For everyone involved. Is there even enough hours in the day?!
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  7. RuPaul's Half-Hour Drag Race UK is coming soon!
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  8. RuPaul is milking this to the point where he cares more about quantity than quality.
  9. As Carlo said, they finished filming a few days ahead of schedule. So they knew how long they should be filming for, but that wasn't necessarily how long they did film for.

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  10. UK3 rundown

    Episode 1: Hometown look
    Features a top two and bottom 2 lipsynch
    Top two: Victoria & Krystal
    Bottom 2: Elektra & Anubis
    Winner: Krystal
    Eliminated: Anubis Finch

    Episode 2: Likely Rusical challenge
    Winner: Krystal
    Bottom 2: Elektra & Vanity
    Eliminated: Elektra Fence
    Victoria Scone
    also goes home after sustaining an injury in her lipsynch with Krystal and is given an invite to season 4.

    Episode 3: Design challenge
    Winner: Scarlett
    Bottom 2: Veronica & Vanity
    Eliminated: Veronica Green

    Episode 4: Girl Groups
    Winning group: Ella / Vanity / Choriza / River
    Bottom 2: Scarlett & Charity
    Eliminated: Double Shantay

    Episode 5: Improv
    Winner: Ella
    Bottom 2: Scarlett & Charity
    Eliminated: Charity Kase

    Episode 6: Snatch Game
    Winner: Ella
    Bottom 2: Choriza & River
    Eliminated: Chorizo May & River Medway

    Episode 7: The Fugly Ball
    This week features another top 2 lip-synch
    Top 2: Ella & Kitty
    Winner: Kitty

    Episode 8: Acting Challenge
    Winner: Ella / Kitty
    Bottom 2: Vanity & Scarlett
    Eliminated: Scarlett Harlett

    Episode 9: Stand-Up
    Winner: Ella / Kitty
    Bottom 2: Vanity & Krystal
    Eliminated: Vanity Milan

    Episode 10: Hey Sis, It's Christmas Rumix
    Ella Vaday: 4/5 wins | 0 bttm 2
    Kitty Scott-Claus: 2/3 Wins | 0 bttm 2
    Krystal Versace: 2 Wins | 1 bttm 2
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  11. Lipsync songs episode 1 are Total Eclipse of the Heart (top 2) and Sweet Melody (bottom 2).
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  12. Let's hope it's better than the Power one...
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  13. Amazing Songs
  14. So that's

    Little Mix - Sweet Melody
    Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Lulu - Shout
    Miss-Teeq - Scandalous
    Dua Lipa - Hallucinate

    for lipsyncs.

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  15. I really NEED the Scandalous lipsync to be excellent.

    Isn't Shout allegedly the double sashay? I'd kind of live for a low energy rendition of it tbh.
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  16. Not the Spanish representation leaving in a double sashay ksdfjladfgvaksd
  17. Yeah sounds like Snatch Game was probably a mess then.
  18. Scream.

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  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Yikes this seems so messy. Anubis low key screamed first out so I’m not surprised there. Veronica…. It’s kinda what she deserves.
  20. It's kind of a kii that the Snatch Game for both UK3 and US14 seem like they are going to be iconically bad.
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