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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Veronica is already posting salty things.

    She's being Salty about Alesha on twitter and has posted the trailer for Season 3 on her Instagram and literally said. I am only posting this as I'm contractually obligated too.
  2. Slightly updated rundown: Ella storming the competition from episode 4 onward will be interesting to watch.

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  3. Based on that it appears Ella has one of the strongest runs out of anyone ever? Good for her!
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  4. Poor Victoria, having to put up with those misogynist trolls for two years in a row (if she returns for four)
  5. The fact that we're gonna lose Victoria in episode two because of a dumb format change...

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  6. An injury is a format change?
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  7. No, but a Top 2 lipsync (which Victoria is a part of) in the first episode is.
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  8. There was a moment in the lipsync where Victoria was very clearly signalling for Krystal to help her up and it wasn't a joke - I'm assuming that's where the injury came in? Do we know when Victoria goes home - she appears in the preview for next week stood with the rest of them all.

    I also wanna point out that I've already fallen head over heels for Victoria and I'm so gutted this is how it ends for her.
  9. Yeah Victoria looked…visibly in some pain at the end there
  10. After 2 seasons of the UK queens SLAMMING their knees down onto the that runway it was bound to claim a victim eventually, but gutted it’s Victoria. An instant icon.
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  11. I'm gutted, because I'm besotted with her, but at least she had a phenomenal first episode.
    Honestly, I've watched the episode again, and I felt a bit weepy when she walked into the werkroom.

    Season 4 can't come soon enough just so we can have her back.
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  12. I remembered reading a spoiler about an injury but not who was concerned. When I saw Victoria struggle to stand up I had a horrible feeling and immediately came here to check, hoping I was wrong. Absolutely gutted.
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  13. Victoria will come back and slay season four if there's any justice in the world.
  14. When you're aware that Victoria hurt herself in the lipsync and you see her leg turn off that way, it looks so much worse. Feel so horrible for her.
  15. I know Veronica isn't fan favourite, but this is pretty gross.
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  16. The way Tia, Joe Black, Choriza have all come out supporting Veronica though. And dragging A'Whora in the process nn. If Tia Kofi and Joe Black think you're a complete tit*... I don't know what to tell you.
  17. A****a scares me to be honest, she just feels like pure evil.
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  18. It’s like Alien v Predator, nobody wins.
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  19. She's the girl who comments spoilers on YouTube videos because she's read the T and if she knows she is gonna ruin it for others.
  20. Opening this thread and discovering Victoria is leaving early

    why did I choose to read spoilers

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