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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. I don't get what A'Whora's damage is.
  2. Initially I thought this was just people being outraged because she said anyone in snug, marry, kill but... yikes. I'd be interested to learn more about what Veronica's supposedly done backstage. Tayce also refers to her as a cocky slag (in a loveable campy way only Tayce could pull off) so I'm sure there's a bit more to it.

    Veronica's covid vlog last season was harrowing to watch and made her come across as very real, so to come for someone in such a brass way who we know has had serious mental health issues just feels tacky.
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  3. I think the cocky slag thing is a reference to Season 2
  4. The Redditors are kicking off along the lines of “why are you complaining you all say you want drama!” but my thing with A’Whora is that it doesn’t feel like drama, she just comes off as a deeply nasty and unpleasant piece of work.

    Like maybe being a drag queen isn’t the reason you’re not cracking the fashion industry, George!
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  5. She's right that Veronica is a bit shit but she seems ultimately harmless if a little bitter. A'Whora has always been bad vibes.
  6. A'Whora has always come across as a nasty and sad little person to me.
    Even Sister, who came across as fed up and sour half the time has shown that she's a warm and lovely person in reality; A'Whora just feels like a straight up bitch.
  7. What S3 spoiler did she mention there? I can barely understand her fff
  8. Veronica not making it far in season 3

  10. The backtracking around the the backstage comment makes... zero sense. There was nothing in her delivery to suggest it was a positive story at all.

    I think A'Whora had a lot to offer on the show (the lockdown superhero look and her Morning show performance being particular highlights) but this is like the third notes app apology in a row where all she does is deflect and try to lie to weasel her way out of the situation. If you're going to be the bitch, take some accountability for what you're putting out there.
  11. I wasn't really bothered by anything AWhora said except commenting on Veronica's S3 placement since that's a spoiler. It was all pretty cunty, but it all seemed pretty jokey too up until the jab about her placement. So I don't know.
  12. There is one person in the comments on twitter really defending her. More so about her spoiling the placement.

    Which is a weird hill to die on. Like it's easy enough to avoid spoilers if you don't want to see them. You only find them if you go looking. Unless people go out of their way to announce it in public forums.
  13. A'Whora is in the right when you take into consideration the hate crimes that were Veronica's episode 1 looks.
  14. I'm not gonna take fashion advise from someone who did a show inspired by 9/11.
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  15. Pretty based tbh

  16. Honestly this made me cackle
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  17. Scream at Tia replying

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  18. A'Whora is not a nice/good person, that was obvious from season two.

    Good at fashion, terrible at life.
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  19. If looks like A'Whora has deleted her notes apology to Veronica.

    So we can tell that was genuinely meant then.

    Edit- actually I think her whole account is gone. (Or I've been blocked dd)
  20. She's still there for me...
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