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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Wait Vanity makes it to the top 4?
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  2. What’s the top four for UK season 3?
  3. The final is a Top 3. Vanity is eliminated the previous episode.
  4. I hate this.
  5. It can't be the ball or the singing challenge that Ella wins. It has to be Snatch Game and some acting challenges.
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  6. I can already Roop is gonna gaslight us into thinking that Ella’s snatch game is top tier
  7. Well the T was off for today.

    So hopefully the double elimination is wrong too.

    Do we know who is doing who on snatch game?
  8. But the T checker was correct?
  9. How the fuck is Ella Vaday going to turn out one of the best track records ever...
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  10. I thought today had Ella/ Kitty as the top 2 for today with one or the other winning.
  11. That's episode 7.
  12. The thread saying that River & Choriza are the only redeemable things about this season. And they hope that Snatch Game delivers….

    Next week is gonna be so bad.
  13. Just like this week, last week, and the week before.
  14. Who do they all do for snatch game?
  15. Dd so I briefly looked at the tea earlier on in the season and remembered that Ella and Krystal made it to the end and that there was a double shantay at some point but I posted this in the main thread completely oblivious to what was happening next week
    Those two have dominated Reddit's fan favourite polls for weeks. There's no way this season doesn't become the most cursed Drag Race season of all-time with next week's episode right...? Watching it I feel like I'm in winter lockdown again.
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  16. Double eliminating River and Choriza next week and keeping the rest of these rat bags? The producers and judges have really lost touch of what’s enjoyable and the clowns are now running the circus.

    I do enjoy Kitty though I have to be honest
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  17. Not gonna lie, I'm perched to see how this double elimination unfolds and for the subsequent mess in the main thread.
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  18. A flop lipsync to 'Shout' sounds iconic, particularly after Ru being so pissed last week.
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  19. 'Shout' is a hard lip sync because it gets fast near the end. I can see the girls missing some of the words.
  20. I thought River was quite good and could have been saved. Especially as next week nobody's leaving.
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