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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. possible set?
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  2. Cheryl Hole has been replaced on her Gals Aloud tour so she's probably on. Yas.

  3. Cheryl’s death drops are Aja-levels of perilous and the mug is very Edwards, I’m ready.
  4. I’m just relieved Ru is in drag tbh. I was wholly expecting her to judge the whole thing out of drag as her attitude to the whole thing has been a bit Meh recently.
  5. Ms Charles sitting there looking like she’s been given an extreme facelift by the wig that’s about to fly off the top of her damn head.
  6. So who are the rumoured top three??
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  8. Nn this is going to be unwatchably nationalistic isn't it.
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  9. Cheryl Cole is to be a guest judge

    I really hope Cheryl Hole is still on by the time she appears
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  10. Loving that tea.
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  11. Ddd. Gothy/her friends appear to be spreading rumours around Manchester that she makes top 4 when all the T has her as first out.
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  12. I haven't actually been told anything (yet) but I know some of that tea is true based on a couple things I've seen in the last few days.
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  13. Ooooh like what?
  14. Geri being a guest judge.
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  15. Well, if true that The Vivienne (who, by the way, I've always found to be lovely) is likely going to get "the villain edit" then it seems we have a two-way race for 'inaugral UK champion' on our hands?
  16. Call My Name is the lip sync song for Cheryl's judging episode.

    Very happy with this!
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  17. I don’t know why but that last bit has sent me.

    So ready for her entrance look.

  18. Sam


    The Vivienne is awful. Not here for her at all.
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  19. I’m #TeamDivina all the way and I’m so glad she’s (allegedly) made the Top 3 but my fear below still stands. There will be fix accusations thrown all over the place because she already works with the BBC.

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