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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. This is a weird take considering they had the same number of solo challenge wins and one pretty objectively dominated one of the most important elements of any season (the runways). Ella didn't exactly have an immaculate run outside of the roast and Snatch Game, no matter how heavy-handed her edit became once the show realised they needed to try to get us to like someone.
  2. The amount of wins only matter when Ru decides they matter. At the end of the day, Ru is going to pick who she feels represents the Drag Race brand the best.
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  3. The way I see it is that Kitty and Ella may have objectively been more confident with comedy/acting, but Krystal was still decent (and sometimes great). But her runways were when I say miles ahead, I mean it. And then when you weigh in that she's the best lip syncer/performer it's overall a very comfortable win.
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  4. Why would you be sure if you hadn't watched it?
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  5. Because I think a winner should be chosen off of their performance throughout the entire competition, not the final episode.
  6. RuPaul picks who he likes best and says "fuck the track record" in like... most seasons. Y'all realize that right? Krystal won the second RuPaul gushed over how amazing she was for a 19 year old drag queen.
  7. Krystal objectively deserved to win lol. She could have easily won the third challenge and only didn't because she'd won the first two. Ella wasn't even the 2nd best in the girl group challenge and won a badge by default (everybody say thankyou River and Choriza!). Kitty wrecked her in the top 2 lip sync for the bra wars challenge and deserved a solo win

    The only reason anyone would think different is because Ella didn't stop banging on about her badges all season because that's the only insight her shallow pool of consciousness had to offer!

  8. This. Vanity also killed the girl group challenge, the only one that really didn’t bring anything to it was Ella.
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  9. Krystal was my favourite in the girl group challenge too, sex on legs is the only verse that’s still stuck in my head!
  10. Vanity was the weakest link of the girl groups challenge for me, with Ella closely behind.
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  11. The way Krystal demolished the other girls in the final challenge alone.
  12. This - whether you believe that production favoured Ella (I did) or Krystal… there was no way that the show could possibly DARE to crown someone showing up to the final runway looking like Ella did… and then Krystal stole focus even more to add insult to injury.

    The rightful winner.

    (and apologies to Kitty, who I like a lot, but they were never going to anoint someone who’s great fun but a little indistinct, especially when they’re saying “I never had adversity, my family and friends loved me because I’m amazing” throughout the finale - amazing for her, not really the “triumph” narrative the show wanted)
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  13. I’ve slept with Danny Beard dd
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  14. I thought it wouldn't be long until we saw Sminty...
  15. Finally a couple of great Manchester Queens to get behind
  16. There's another couple but this list is more or less correct.
  17. Excited to see Alexis.
  18. It would be nice if the majority weren’t London based but there’s definitely some fierce looking queen in this group.
  19. Pretty sure Freida Slaves is (finally) cast this season too.
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