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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. FIVE times even, because she apparently lipsyncs for the win on episode 1 ddd. They must have really milked her.
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  2. We'll all of Tayce's lip syncs were great so I'm holding out hope.
  3. Maybe we had to suffer Season 3 - because Season 4 is reading like a dream!
  4. I’m optimistically sceptical of the Black Peppa lipsync information, as the person who provided that got multiple members of the cast wrong, so immediately seems a bit suss. Some of the other things they were saying (Big Brother/Squid Game Rusical) seem mildly farfetched too, although on paper, the entire run of S14 seemed as such, and look how that turned out.

    For whatever reason, accurate lipsync information usually comes a bit further down the line anyway. I suppose if people are hearing things on the grapevine, it’s probably not the first information you’d gravitate towards procuring.
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  5. There seems to be some rather heavy Aquaria/Cracker-style drama between Starlet and one of the debunked girls - Villanelle.

    You just know the producers are kicking themselves for not getting her on this season.
  6. Google really came through with


    I can see them beefing!
  7. Not much more to add, but a little extra T courtesy of Reddit.

    Hometown looks are reserved for the promo

    Episode 1: Ru Are Ya? (Signature Drag) & 100 Years of the BBC runways
    Win: Sminty & Peppa/Cheddar
    Bottom: Just May & Dakota
    Episode 2: Girl groups
    Bottom: ??? & Starlet
    Episode 3: Pairs design Challenge
    Bottom: Peppa & Copper
    Episode 4: Chatty Man Improv
    Bottom: Sminty & Cheddar/Peppa
    Episode 5: Acting challenge
    Bottom: ??? & Baby
    Episode 6: Strictly Come Snatch Game
    Danny wins playing Pete Burns
    Bottom: Le Fil & ??? (Le Fil is said to have a very good run, up to this point)
    Episode 7: Makeover Challenge
    Bottom: Dakota & ??? (Dakota is said to be the producer's favourite this season)
    Episode 8: Stand-Up
    Bottom: ??? & Pixie
    Episode 9: Finale RuMix
    The top 2 lipsynch seems purely based on track records (Peppa only has one win and Jonbers has an Ellie Diamond-like run with no wins) leaving Danny & Cheddar to lipsynch for the crown - Both have very good report cards, but Cheddar seems to be the favourite to win.

    Baby allegedly Ginny Lemon's herself in episode 5 due to mental health reasons.
    Apparently, she does the lipsynch but ultimately decides to tell Ru she's leaving.

    Rumoured guests: FKA Twigs, Mel B, Claudia Winkleman, Jayde Adams
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  8. I half believed the tea until this claim. FKA Twigs who makes few public appearances and rarely gives interviews being a guest judge on Drag Race? This just screams “gay twink fantasy”.
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  9. Yeah, that tea came from someone who got a lot of the cast wrong. Lorraine Pascale and Jayde Adams are speculated judges/guests as they recently followed some of the queens on Instagram.
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  10. POV: You're extra special guest judge Claudia Winkleman watching the dolls dolling on the main stage of RuPaul's Drag Race UK

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  11. Why only 9 epsiodes? Series 2 and 3, had10 eps? Some of this seems a bit dodgy
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  12. Okay there better be an episode missing from the spoilers that revolves around baking if this is true. Worst Bakers in Drag. Make it happen.
  13. We're still in the early stages of Tea spilling - there's probably a non-elimination episode in there somewhere.
  14. For those unfamiliar with Cheddar - Drag SOS is now on Netflix.
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  15. I loved this the first time round so will need to do a rewatch.
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