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SPOILER ALERT: Drag Race UK T Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. But Cheryl has the better songs to Lipsync to
  2. I’m sorry but watching two girls hit splits, stunts and reveals to Go To Work would be so iconic.
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  3. Not when Call My Name challenges the girls to match a fucking swan dive. Go To Work is so limp.
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  4. They could always lip sync to a girls aloud song instead if Nadine were judge...
  5. Me and my good Judy after two beers
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  6. Why am I now envisioning Cheryl Hole swan diving off the mainstage only for Ru to look at her with such pity like she did to Honey Davenport.
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  7. Because you wrongly assume Cheryl Hole is a poor performer?
  8. How do I delete someone else’s account?
  9. I can't tell if you're being ironic or not because this is giving me Farah levels of stiffness.
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  10. I doubt anyone other than Cheryl Hole will win. The only mystery is how they will succeed in making it look like other narratives are possible as the weeks go by & the final approaches.
  11. Rumors has it she ends in 4th place sis.
  12. Any word on Gemma Collins, Kim Woodburn or Julie Goodyear guest judging? I'm all for the popstars but we need iconic TV personalities and they fit in more with UK gay culture. I keep picturing Nadia Sawalha on the panel one week saying really un politically correct things and getting into trouble.
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  13. Sam


    why would you put this out into the universe
  14. Cause I'm a mess, I ironically stan Nadia and her ways. Nothing too bad she would just say something then go "Oops am I allowed to say that?".
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  15. I would rather people who take at least a bit of interest in drag/performance to be guest judges.

    Sure, they’d be fun cameos but I can’t see these people having any kind of valuable input as judges.
  16. Umm we're talking about Julie "if it's not camp i don't want it" Goodyear who counts Julian clary and paul O'Grady amongst her besties for starters. Kim and gemma have also been and judged at drag shows so quite frankly youre talking tripe dear.
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  17. I guess I don't have enough of a drag career to criticise other queens BUT I really hope that the queens we see on the show have a uniquely British sensibility about them. I have seen a bunch of queens who have got into drag because of Drag Race and it shows. There is no point coming over here to make a UK version and having girls who look and act just like their American counterparts.
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  18. Gemma Collins is an awful person so I’d rather she stayed far away from this
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  19. Sam


    how fucking dare you
  20. Okay, but...

    These opinions.

    Call My Name is a fucking fantastic song to lipsynch to, because well... Cheryl haself has shown how it's done, mmmkay?

    Go to Work has been called limp of all things? That's probably Nadine's gayest song ever and yes I'm counting Love Machine and the gyals would be lucky to show of legs for dayzzzzz like our Nadine.


    Gemma Collins is a gay's wet dream, so let's not with discounting ha for this show. Yes, I know she's awful but she's fantastic tv.

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