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*SPOILERS* Little Mix - Confetti Tour 2022

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Primrose, Apr 4, 2022.

  1. Ah!! I love these girls.
  2. Their shows/performances are never fully live. The chorus to any of their songs are almost NEVER live
  3. Sorry to break it to you Jade, but I would quite like to hear a 2022 version of Cannonball.
  4. RMK


    Imagine choreo for Cut You Off. That's my pick.
  5. It would have been cute if they just done a little acapella moment of Cannonball for old times sake.
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  6. I still don't understand their own hate for the Cannonball cover. It's cute and served its purpose until Wings came along.
  7. W2K


    I'm sure it's less about them hating it and more about it being more of a "winner's single" rather than a Little Mix single.
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  8. I've literally only started listening to Little Mix after Sweet Melody, so I just presumed they always sang live.

    Well yeah some shows are 100% live. I have no problem with singers lip synching, just a bit shocked as I actually thought the whole show was live.

  9. Does anyone know what the timings were for the matinee shows?
  10. They came on at 2:30 yesterday in Newcastle, Love Me Or Leave Me and Only You/No Time For Tears were cut. I think doors opened at 12, but not too sure.
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  11. Bit of a shame if the matinee shows are going to get a shorter show, everyone has paid the same money for tickets and should get the full performance.

    I sort of get it that they’re just cashing the cheques at this point.
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  12. That’s disappointing that songs were cut for the matinee!
  13. Ella has piano lessons.
  14. The past weekend has been absolutely incredible seeing the girls. I feel like I was running on pure adrenaline and full fat Coke as a staple diet by the end haha but it was all worth it.

    I personally believe videos/pictures of the show don't do it justice at all. It's still very choreo heavy and some sections feel relentless, going from Salute into Touch made me feel like I needed a lie down afterwards! Saying that, I think the only songs that felt out of place in terms of the order of the setlist were Touch and Only You/No Time For Tears. I get that they might have been going for a "go out on a happy vibe" with the medley being near the end, and I think I might just feel that way about Touch as I'm used to it being a big encore or opening. No was definitely missed as well, I would have loved to have seen it back on the setlist. Hearing Holiday in one of the interludes also made me want it to see it performed too.

    In terms of production I would say the show is definitely on par with the Get Weird Tour, which I have always compared their other tours too. It literally is just hit after hit, I felt like I blinked sometimes and the show was over.

    My highlights include:
    - Break Up Song (amazing to finally here this live!) and the way they do the little TikTok dance routine is cute.
    - Move... I was not prepared for this to pop off the way it did, it felt really fresh even after all of the years it has been released. I love Leigh's take on Jesy's "hey, get your back off the wall", and the choreo.
    - Power into Gloves Up is the mash up I didn't know I needed. The way the girls walk onto the stage for Power... whew.
    - Woman Like Me for the obvious reasons, but there was something that felt like a full circle moment and satisfying seeing them sing part of an En Vogue song 10 years on from The X Factor when their first cover of one of their songs was when I literally laminated my stan card as a 13 year old, and them singing a song including themes of racism when they would usually be dancing to Nicki's rap verse. I digress, but you know what I mean.
    - Happiness, the new arrangement is beautiful!
    - Love Sweet Love actually pops off a bit live I think.
    - The dancer's interlude when they dance to their favourite Little Mix songs is really good.
    - The chair choreography in the Black Magic dance break, as well as them performing the original Touch dance routine, no words.
    - The new arrangement of Salute is unreal.
    - Sweet Melody, I felt like I'd waited a long time to hear/see that.

    Overall, just unbelievable! Roll on Manchester.

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  15. Perrie’s genuine shock at hearing “Cannonball” requested got me. Like she was legit flabbergasted.
  16. Easily their best tour to date. Had the time of my life at the weekend in Newcastle, thanks to gorgey hun @Primrose and her friends for having me. My next shows are at Glasgow and I’m honestly not ready to say bye to the girls.
  17. You are more than welcome, anytime! Missing you, loving your face!

    The show in Liverpool tonight has had a technical difficulty. The intro video played and the confetti went off but the girl’s platform didn’t rise up. They’ve just come on stage about 10 minutes ago instead by rising up from the stage.
  18. Not this too!

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